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Event Network launches 100% biodegradable and compostable rain ponchos for cultural attractions

Event Network launches biodegradable rain poncho

Event Network, a leading cultural attraction retailer, is the first to the US market with organic rain ponchos, under the brand name “BIO Regenponcho”. These are made from non-genetically modified cornstarch and provide a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic.

Event Network launches biodegradable rain ponchoEvent Network, the leading cultural attraction retailer in North America, is proud to announce the introduction of 100% biodegradable and compostable rain ponchos into select zoo and aquarium stores, beginning in March. Product rollout will extend to botanical gardens, historic sites and iconic destinations throughout the year.

Event Network had been researching a suitable manufacturer for many months when the company discovered BIO Regenponcho and its unique, sustainable manufacturing processes.  The availability of these ponchos in the US for the first time is the result of extensive product vetting and logistics planning to ensure efficient delivery to stores.

Addressing the plastic pollution problem

“We’ve all done it – found ourselves trapped in the rain, with the only item available being a flimsy plastic poncho that gets worn once and discarded, ultimately ending up in our ocean and landfills,” says Andrea Froehle, VP Marketing & Communications, Event Network.

“As retail operators servicing nearly 70 million guests each year, we have a responsibility to promote conscious consumerism, and saw an opportunity to deliver real impact. The plastic poncho was a problem we knew we needed to solve. We’re always finding new ways to address the plastic pollution problem and provide our guests with quality, sustainable alternatives.”

Stylish and sustainable

Unlike plastic disposable ponchos that are derived from petroleum and can take decades to decompose, the certified BIO rain poncho by BIO Regenponcho is made from non-genetically modified corn starch and is 100% biodegradable & compostable within 8-12 weeks.

Event Network launches biodegradable rain ponchoThe process is carried out with the help of micro-organisms so that only water and compost remain. Whether composting or burning – the poncho biodegrades CO2 neutrally, decomposing into naturally occurring, renewable and non-toxic products. The affordable BIO rain poncho is stylish, light, durable and can be used several times. It is breathable (water vapour permeable), which means guests won’t work up a sweat while staying dry and exploring the sights!  

On the heels of announcing its Transitional Cotton Project partnership last Autumn, the addition of the eco-friendly product into its stores is part of Event Network’s larger, ongoing commitment to sustainability and conservation.

The company has taken measures to eliminate plastic from its store environments, reduce unnecessary packaging during shipping and delivery, and reduce the carbon footprint at every level of its operations. The majority of its stores already offer reusable shopping bag and water bottle programs, as well as feature collections of sustainable, local, recycled, and eco-friendly products for the conscious consumer.

Event Network was recently recognised in the 2019 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards, which celebrate leadership, transparency and commitment to sustainable business practices

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