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Digital Projection chosen by SMARTENTITY for upgrade at Kuwait Habitat Museum

Digital Projection Kuwait Habitat Museum

Digital Projection, a specialist in LED laser projectors, has been chosen to provide a projector upgrade for the Kuwait Habitat Museum.

Digital Projection is pleased to announce that its technology is now supporting a display at the Kuwait Habitat Museum, thanks to the recommendation of SMARTENTITY (SEC). The museum is located in The Al Shaheed Park in Kuwait City, alongside the Remembrance Museum, and explores the country’s natural flora and fauna. It is home to several interactive exhibitions and scenic recreations.

The centrepiece of the museum is a 26-metre audiovisual projection, with panoramic views of Kuwait’s various habitats. This visitor favourite was in need of a projector upgrade in order to meet its full potential. To achieve this, the museum turned to trusted integrator SEC for advice.

Finding the best fit

Youssef Ismail, Deputy Managing Director of SEC, says: “SEC has had a long relationship with Amiri Diwan at the governmental projects department. He trusts us and our expertise. When he told us that they wanted to start changing a part of their setup at the museum, we had to assess their requirements and suggest what we thought was the best fit in terms of the equipment used.”

Ismail contacted Rayan Soumsom, Regional Manager for Digital Projection in the Middle East, who listened closely to the requirements of the installation and recommended Digital Projection’s new E-Vision 13000 projectors with RED LASER colour boosting technology.

Digital Projection Kuwait Habitat Museum

The project involved the installation of 7 E-Vision 13000 projectors to cover the 26-metre screen. In addition to this, Digital Projection provided 4 extra E-Vision units, to be installed facing directly downwards, covering a 4-metre x 3-metre table surface.

The newly upgraded exhibit showcases thousands of years of the region’s natural history and was created by UK-based audiovisual specialist, Electrosonic.

Seamless integration

“With the new Digital Projection units and their wider coverage, the edge blending has become more of a challenge because blending areas are much bigger,” says Ismail. “We still have the same content, the same Dataton Watchout media servers, and the same Cisco networking, so some recalibration was needed. This was also the first time we have installed Digital Projection projectors with ColorBoost + Red Laser It was a challenge, but we were able to overcome it and the area is certainly better off for the upgrade.”

The museum remained open during the upgrade process, meaning that the installation needed to be seamless. The project included a lot of night work.

Digital Projection Kuwait Habitat Museum

“We had a lot of support from Digital Projection remotely and we were sure that we could always give Rayan Soumsom a call if we needed to. He also came to the museum for a full day in order to assist us in the calibration process and give us tips on how to make our life easier. The technical support team in the UK was in constant contact with Rayan to make sure things were running smoothly.”

Both SEC and the museum are pleased with how successful this upgrade project has been, and are in the process of looking at are now identifying other areas that could be modernised.

“Having seen Digital Projection’s full support during the installation, we now want to continue working with them,” says Ismail. “We want to promote their great products and fantastic service. The next project will surely require us to use the colour calibration service that Digital Projection offers, which colour-matches projectors before shipping them.”

Digital Projection recently had a successful visit to ISE 2020 in Amsterdam, where it showcased a range of its latest technology, including the groundbreaking Satellite Modular Laser System (MLS), which has never before been shown in the EMEA region.

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