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AI: More than Human heading to World Museum in Liverpool

AI More than Human

AI: More than Human is debuting at the World Museum in Liverpool in summer 2020. The exhibition has immersive artworks, scientific developments, and opportunities for visitors to interact.

AI: More than Human explores what it means to be human as artificial intelligence (AI) changes, also examining the relationship between humans and technology.

In its first UK exhibition outside London, AI: More than Human features international artworks as well as interactive and immersive play experiences.

AI: More Than Human is divided into four sections – The Dream of AI, Mind Machines, Data Worlds, and Endless Evolution.

Immersive play experiences at AI: More Than Human

AI More than Human
Liverpool Museums

The Dream of AI looks at the origins and history of AI, while Mind Machines explains how AI has developed through history.

Data Worlds focuses on AI’s role in society, and Endless Evolution delves into the future of the human race and where AI fits in.

The exhibition also features specially commissioned installations with which visitors can interact and engage, including a video game set on a virtual island by Lawrence Lek.

The ‘Universal Everything’s Future You’ installation allows guests to interact with an AI version of themselves, while Chris Salter’s Totem is a 14-metre light installation.

Play with a cute robot puppy called Aibo

AI More than Human
World Museum

Another exhibition highlight is a cute robot puppy called Aibo, who walks, makes sounds, responds to commands and plays with toys (via Liverpool Echo).

Aibo, which has a database of memories, was created by Sony in 2018. It uses cameras and facial recognition technology to interact differently with individuals.

“In this fascinating exhibition, we see just how long and how important the epic story of AI has been on human development,” said Anne Fahy, head of World Museum.

“With so many opportunities for visitors to interact with the works it is an exhibition for curious minds of all ages who want to play experience and understand this ubiquitous technology.”

Neil McConnon, head of Barbican International Enterprises, said: “Barbican is delighted to have an opportunity to collaborate with World Museum, Liverpool to stage AI: More than Human.

“We hope it inspires, informs and provides a space to discover and reflect on the multitude of complex implications of AI on our lives, both liberating and daunting.”

AI: More than Human opens at World Museum Liverpool on July 10 and runs until November 1.

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