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Factorr and Lemma Foundation debut MuseumON

New cultural exhibit service targets shopping centers, airports and other public spaces

Two women stand in front of lit sign for MuseumON

Last week MuseumON, a platform which delivers immersive cultural edutainment experiences from world-class museums to public spaces, launched internationally. The initiative, made possible by support from the Lemma Foundation, originated with Netherlands-based exhibitions firm Factorr.

Making culture available

Touring exhibitions and entertainment experts, Factorr, design and produce memorable location-based experiences, including Body Worlds, and Meet Vincent Van Gogh. The Factorr team works with brands, destinations, developers, owners, and even governmental agencies to bring their visions to life.

The Lemma Foundation works to make science, arts, and cultural experiences more widely available to the public for societal good. Because of the organization’s commitment to facilitating free content through its partnerships, MuseumON could happen.

MuseumON reaches a wider audience through a range of temporary to permanent exhibitions intended for use in non-traditional locations. These public and commercial spaces like shopping centers, airports, and leisure attractions draw increased foot traffic and repeat visits.

Arnold van de Water, Partner at Factorr

Drawing interest

“MuseumON provides value-added activities for places, generating additional footfall and giving people a reason to return to your destination,” Factorr partner Arnold van de Water says. “At a time when many locations have been hit by the global pandemic, MuseumON offers an opportunity to use space to actively reconnect with customers and visitors.”

The new platform provides turnkey service for real estate developers, designing, delivering, and managing engaging installations for all ages. Because installations are suitable as pop-ups, or can have rotating content, the exhibits can easily be replicated across properties. This sort of value-added enrichment for travel and shopping destinations is uniquely compelling as more retail moves online-only.

“There is also an urgent need for the cultural sector to engage with new audiences. Only a small percentage of people consider themselves frequent visitors to museums,” says van de Water. “To make art, science, and culture more accessible to a wider demographic, MuseumON taps into the need to provide ‘wow’ experiences, carefully curating content and engaging people with educational topics and creating Instagrammable moments to share.”

Arnold van de Water is known for his work at the Meet Vincent van Gogh experience, created by Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum.

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