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Imagine Leisure develops new concept for Gouda City Hall

The Gouda city hall new concept design by imagine leisure

Imagine Leisure, a leading leisure consultant and developer, is developing a concept book for the city hall in Gouda.

The city hall dates from 1459 and stands in the middle of the ‘Markt’ square. Currently, the building is mainly used for weddings, business meetings and corporate parties. During the tourist season, visitors can also take a guided tour around the hall.

The city hall is currently used by the TeKa Group. Timo Kruft, owner of the TeKa Group wanted to give the city hall a stronger connection to Gouda and ensure that more visitors can enjoy the historical building.

Creating a concept book

Interior of Gouda city hall
Interior of Gouda City Hall

Imagine Leisure was chosen to create a concept book for Gouda city hall. The company started by completing a market analysis. This allowed Imagine Leisure to understand the catchment area, demographic data of Gouda’s inhabitants, the profile of tourists and what leisure is already available in Gouda and the surrounding area.

This analysis gave the company insights into the target tourist groups, as well as the themes and functions that would tie in with the existing leisure industry in the local area.

Imagine Leisure then used this analysis to create the concept. Theming and storyline were vital in this process, as they must match the city hall’s location and history.

In order to create this concept, the company spoke to city stakeholders such as the municipality, entrepreneurs as well as Gouda history experts.

A global business case is the final step

Interior of Gouda City Hall
Interior of Gouda City Hall

Once a new and unique concept was decided upon, Imagine Leisure asked the SMILE of Experience and Studio Harm Hasenaar to join the project. Together, these companies will develop a guest flow plan and artist impressions.

Finally, Imagine Leisure will create a global business case for the investment and operation of the project. This case will explain that an initial investment is needed to realise the concept created by Imagine Leisure, and will show to what extent it will be profitable.

Once this business case is drawn up, the finished concept book will be delivered to the TeKa Group after the summer.

Imagine Leisure recently worked on the upcoming refurbishment of Leisurepark Roosendaal, an FEC in the Netherlands.

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