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Museum of Illusions opens in Dubai

dubai museum of illusions

The Museum of Illusions in Al Seef, Dubai, will play tricks on visitor’s minds with 80 interactive exhibits.

The Museum of Illusions is part of an international museum chain. The first Museum of Illusions opened in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2015.

The Dubai museum is the biggest so far. The 450 square metre venue features several rooms of illusions and brainteasers.

Varvara Svishcheva, manager for the Museum of Illusions in Dubai, said: “Inside this interactive museum, parents and kids can become part of the exhibit themselves. It’s fun, entertaining but at same time educational because it explains why our eyes see things that our brain does not understand.

“This museum houses the largest single collection of optical illusions that will tantalise visitors to a visual and sensory experience.

“We are planning to have this as a permanent museum in Dubai and we plan to enhance it in a year or so based on the interest of visitors.”

A team of Croatian architects and designers selected the illusions. They are based on the fields of science, mathematics, biology and psychology.

The illusions includes a gravity-defying slanted room and the Ames room – where a person shrinks or grows depending on where they stand.

The Vortex Tunnel is a spinning tunnel that tricks visitors into thinking they are spinning around – when in reality the platform is flat and the room itself is moving.

Other exhibits include the chance for visitors to see different clones of themselves. The Infinity Room creates the illusion of infinite corridors around an endless space for visitors to find their way around.

A tour around the museum takes between 45 minutes and an hour. A magician will soon be featured at the museum to perform magic tricks.

Dubai’s Museum of the Future recently began its 4-week accelerator program, with fifteen tech companies as strategic partners. They will investigate tech solutions to improve visitor experience at museums.

Image courtesy of Museum of Illusions

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