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Squeaky Pedal films new documentary at Gloucester priory

Demolition work revealed historical site in British city centre

Squeaky Pedal Priory of Gloucester

Squeaky Pedal, a leading creator of films, podcasts and content across museums, heritage and cultural attractions, was recently commissioned to contribute to a major new documentary.

Squeaky Pedal Pete Roch Filming
Squeaky Pedal’s Pete Roch

The firm, which has a history of contributing to award-winning projects, was brought on board by History Hit, historian Dan Snow’s new streaming history channel. Squeaky Pedal has worked on a special 40-minute documentary exploring Whitefriars Priory in Gloucester, UK, a site that has been waiting to be uncovered for some time.

Whitefriars: The Lost Priory of Gloucester, a one-off feature presented by city archaeologist Andrew Armstrong, provides an exclusive insight into an archaeological dig.

Following the demolition of a multi-story car park, developers Reef Group gave Pete Roch and his team access to film at the remarkably important 13th-century site. 

Bringing history to life

Squeaky Pedal’s documentary uses 3D graphic recreations to explore the priory for the first time in over four centuries. With the technology, it allowed the firm to visualise for viewers how the Priory would have looked within Gloucester back in the day.

The feature also comprises other experts, with knowledge of medieval Gloucester, the English Civil War and the dissolution of the monasteries. Members of the current religious Carmelite community were also consulted, who still preach and serve their congregations today. 

Squeaky Pedal Andrew Armstrong History Hit
Armstrong with Carmelite Friars Richard Copsey and Pat O’Keefe

Presenter Armstrong says “The thing that I was really pleased about, is people found it interesting enough and accessible because that’s what we were trying to do… I was very pleased that we got the history of Gloucester on a national stage. That was hugely important to me.

“I haven’t done a lot of talking to camera and [Squeaky Pedal are] very patient and calm, which if you don’t talk to TV cameras regularly, is hugely beneficial. I enjoyed working with them, they’re nice guys, very professional. What was brilliant was that they gave me space to say what I felt I needed to say whilst keeping it ‘TV”

Whitefriars: The Lost Priory of Gloucester, is now available to watch on History Hit.

Squeaky Pedal has also recently completed another project in nearby Coventry, a new exhibition celebrating the life of famous author George Eliot.

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