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West Kowloon Cultural District: Council terminates contract with developers

west kowloon cultural district

The district authority have terminated the contract with Hsin Chong Construction for the M+ construction project in West Kowloon Cultural District.

The HK$5.9 billion contract was terminated with the chief contractors however both parties disagree on the reason why.

Executive Council convener Bernard Charnwut Chan said: “Although the termination will delay construction, we do not have another way,” however as there is not much construction left it is possible that the delay won’t be too long.

The contract includes work on the M+ Building and the Conservation and Storage Building. It also includes work on a retail, dining and entertainment building that will be the authority’s headquarters, a car park, and public infrastructure works.

The M+ project is around 60% complete. It was initially scheduled to open in 2020, following a number of delays.

Hsin Chong Group say they were not consulted, according to The Standard.

The authority is now urgently carrying out a restricted tender to find a management contractor to take over. It is expected that this will take between six and eight weeks.

In the meantime, only essential maintenance and safety management will be carried out.

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Michael Mander

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