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World Touring Exhibitions restarts tours with socially-distanced exhibits

World Touring Exhibitions Interactive Science - Angry Hair

World Touring Exhibitions, a leading producer and provider of travelling exhibitions, is touring once more with extra safety precautions to keep visitors safe.

World Touring Exhibitions has been working to modify its travelling exhibitions following the COVID-19 pandemic, with changes to interactives and extra space for social distancing. Now, these projects are ready to tour once more, entertaining and educating visitors in a safe way.

Due to the pandemic, the way that exhibits present interactives has had to be changed, keeping touch to a minimum to avoid spreading germs. Some exhibits also need to have their layout or spacing altered, in order to allow for appropriate social distancing.

Socially-distanced exhibits

World Touring Exhibitions has been modifying the interactivity of its projects consistently during the crisis, and now has many exhibitions ready to tour again.

Interactive Science - Tornado

“It has not been easy to find ways to keep interactivity interesting notwithstanding the changes the virus required,” says Corrado Canonici, World Touring Exhibitions’ director. “After many efforts, we have found ways to satisfy the need for social distancing without compromising on our intriguing interactivities.

“We are a private company, which is an advantage in this sense: it allows us to be freer, ‘crazier’, in our solution and ideas. For us, the important point is offering to our visitors a fulfilling and safe experience in spite of the hated virus.”

Earlier this month, World Touring Exhibitions also announced the success of its Travelling Bricks exhibition. This popular show, made from LEGO, has been a hit with visitors at the Le Brentelle mall in Padua,  Italy.

The Travelling Bricks exhibition has been open to visitors this summer and has been credited with contributing to a recent increase in footfall at the mall, encouraging people to return to the venue earlier than expected following the global outbreak of COVID-19.

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