Urumqi Bainiao Lake Wanda City: Construction Begins on 17th Wanda City Project

Wanda have begun construction of the 17th Wanda City Project – Urumqi Bainiao Lake Wanda City.

The mega-size cultural tourism project is planned to open in 2021. The development will include eco-friendly planning and design as well as cultural elements relating to Xinjiang.  Amusement facilities will include indoor and outdoor theme parks, an indoor aquarium (including an ocean animal show), an indoor water amusement park and hotels.

Covering a total area of around 100 hectares, with a floor area of 400,000 sq. m., Urumqi Bainiao Lake Wanda City represents a total investment of RMB 9.8 billion, including RMB 8 billion in construction investments.

Urumqi Bainiao Lake Wanda City is the first mega-size cultural tourism project launched since the implementation of China’s “Road and Belt Initiative”.

Urumqi is a key city on the “Belt and Road” trade corridor that connects East and the West.  The ambition for Urumqi Bainiao Lake Wanda City is that it will boost tourism and turn Urumqi into a world-class tourist destination, especially for people in the five countries in Central Asia.