World Touring Exhibitions to help increase attractions footfall post-COVID-19

World Touring Exhibitions, a leading producer and provider of travelling exhibitions, is positive that touring exhibits and experiences can help attractions recover post-COVID-19.

Touring exhibitions are often used by attractions to enhance footfall or to enrich the guest experience. Venues can include museums, shopping malls, exhibitions centres, zoos and aquariums. They can also be a source of additional revenue for attractions if they are a separately ticketed event.

“After the crisis, it will be really important to create opportunities to bring back audiences to spaces and events,” says Corrado Canonici, Founder of World Touring Exhibitions.

Space Adventure World Touring Exhibitions

Space Adventure

“Visitors may need encouragement to visit busy spaces again. Touring exhibitions are less risky than other forms of entertainment such as concerts. In a post-COVID-19 world, people, institutions, and promoters will want to be less prone to risk” says Canonici.

The importance of travelling exhibitions

Travelling exhibitions can educate, engage and draw an audience. “Our exhibitions have always succeeded as they are interesting, interactive and popular,” adds Canonici. “We believe this will translate into enhanced interest towards exhibitions as the industry looks for ways to get back on its feet again”.

According to Canonici, COVID-19 has sparked a spirit of community in the industry. “Collaborations will be increasingly important in the post-virus period, and we welcome collaborations in order for all of us to achieve mutual success.”

The London-based company was founded in 2001 as World Concert Artists, an entertainment agency representing legendary 70s and crossover artists as well as international shows. In 2010, the company focused solely on exhibitions, becoming World Touring Exhibitions

Their international standard exhibitions include Travelling Bricks (made of LEGO Bricks), Interactive Science, 3D Doubt Your Eyes, Space Adventure and Living Dragons. The exhibits have toured across the globe including the EU, UK, the US, Russia and the Middle East.