World Touring Exhibitions’ Monsters Of The Sea begins 7-month tour of Ukraine

World Touring Exhibitions, a leading producer and provider of travelling exhibitions, has announced that its Monsters of the Sea exhibition has begun a 7-month tour of Ukraine.

World Touring Exhibitions is pleased to announce that the animatronic Monsters of the Sea exhibition will now be entertaining and educating visitors across Ukraine, despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The show has already proved popular in Asia, South America and several European countries. It kicked off the 7-month Ukraine tour in Kharkiv on 19 September 2020 promoted by H2D.

Monsters Sea World Touring Exhibitions

Monsters of the Sea

Monsters Of The Sea, World Touring ExhibitionsThis unique exhibition, which is created by the same producers of the successful Living Dinosaurs exhibition, features both prehistoric and current inhabitants of the sea, brought to life in full-scale animatronic models. Visitors can explore underwater life through over 20 model animals, ranging up to 16 metres in length.

“This tour shows once more that touring exhibitions can beat COVID-19,” says Corrado Canonici, World Touring Exhibitions’ founder.

“[It shows] how we can organise visitors, and how easier it is to make certain exhibitions social distancing-ready compared to many other forms of entertainment or edutainment: this is why we can continue working notwithstanding coronavirus.”​

World Touring Exhibitions has been working to modify its travelling exhibitions following the pandemic, making changes to interactives and allowing extra space for social distancing. Now, the company has many exhibitions ready to tour again.

Earlier this month, World Touring Exhibitions also announced the success of its Travelling Bricks exhibition. This has been open to visitors over the summer at the Le Brentelle mall in Padua, Italy.

The popular Travelling Bricks exhibition, which features 120 models in 60 scenes made from LEGO bricks, has been credited with contributing to a recent increase in footfall at the mall, encouraging people to return to the venue earlier than expected following the global coronavirus pandemic. It has been constantly on tour around the world since 2016.