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Zero Latency unveils world’s first 8-player free-roam VR gaming arena

Zero Latency unveils world's first 8-player free-roam VR gaming arena

Leading creator of multiplayer free-roam VR gaming, Zero Latency, has beaten its own 6-player record with the announcement of 8-player simultaneous gaming.

The first Zero Latency-powered VR game arena to showcase the new capability to the public is the 4,200 square foot arena in Melbourne, Australia.

According to the company, two existing arenas plus three new ones will introduce 8-player free-roam VR capability this year.

“Zero Latency’s goal has always been to create epic social VR gaming adventures that build bonds and forge memories,” comments Zero Latency CEO, Tim Ruse.

“We pioneered warehouse–scale free-roam VR gaming arenas for six players in 2015 and now we have pushed the envelope again, using our patent-pending motion tracking technology, to make room for even more people at the same time.”

There are currently 8 Zero Latency-powered arenas operating across the globe. These range in size from 2,000 square feet to a massive 4,200 square feet of gameplay area. With no internal physical walls or obstacles, players can safely walk, explore and fight together through a host of different virtual terrains.

Players appear to one another as full-motion avatars which allows for ‘real-life’ interaction in the virtual world; from discussing strategies, calling for help and warning their teammates to just enjoying the banter.

Zero Latency Chief Technology Officer, Scott Vandonkelaar, says it took twelve technicians over six months to upgrade the system to accommodate 8 players:

“We were already leading the industry by having six players at once and now the biggest hurdle was dealing with the increase in network communications without the wireless systems getting overloaded. There is a lot of traffic to handle with both the game data as well as the VoIP data running  in real time.”

Thorough beta-testing with the public at the company’s Melbourne arena was critical to ensure the new system was up to scratch.

“We knew that it wasn’t just a task of allowing more players into a game,” adds Vandonkelaar.

“We also needed to push the edges of these fantastic worlds out to make sure all 8 players are exploring, having fun, and immersing themselves in expansive adventures.”

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