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iFLY announces new Colorado Springs location

New location will be home to a cutting-edge 14-foot flight chamber as well as private rooms for events

iFLY-indoor skydiving

iFLY, a world leader in indoor skydiving tunnels, has announced the awarding of a new franchise to HiFLYght LLC in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This new location is expected to open later in 2021 and is owned and operated by three retired Air Force colonels with extensive aviation backgrounds.

The attraction will offer a fun iFLY experience with the latest Gen 9 vertical wind tunnel technology. It will be home to a cutting-edge 14-foot flight chamber, alongside private rooms for a wide range of events.

State-of-the-art facility

“We’re thrilled to bring the only recognized brand and the very best wind tunnel technology in the world to Colorado Springs. We look forward to welcoming first-time flyers, professionals, and our active military and service academy flyers to this state-of-the-art facility,” says a spokesperson for HiFLYght.

iFLY-indoor skydiving

Kevin Fiur, president of iFLY’s Tunnel Systems Division, which sells its patent-protected wind tunnels and franchises says, “We’re very excited to add the HiFLYght team to our family of franchisees. We are rapidly expanding the number of markets where we will offer like-minded entrepreneurs the opportunity to own their own business by investing in our wind tunnel technology.

“With our recent designation as an SBA franchisor, we’re quickly expanding our ability to give new business owners the chance to bring the dream of flight to their local markets.”

Ensuring visitor safety

iFLY has invested in new safety measures to make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable flying experience in the wake of the pandemic. For instance, guests can complete waivers online for a contactless transaction and give touchless temperature readings while going-through the contactless check-in process.

Floor markings help guests to keep appropriate distance once inside and all equipment is sanitised and washed after each use. There are also hand sanitiser stations throughout the venue and all surfaces and touchpoints are frequently cleaned.

The wind tunnels themselves use fresh air, meaning they are a safe indoor activity to share with others. iFLY’s advances wind tunnel technology ensures guests enjoy clean air during the experience, as it recirculates and refreshes the air from outside the venue. The company’s wind tunnels have been proven to supply an environment that is at least ten times fresher than the average store or gym.

This latest iFLY venue will be located in the Polaris Pointe complex at the Powers and I-25 interchange.

Last year, iFLY also announced that it has created a new line of modular wind tunnels for outdoor installation, available in two designs.

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