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iFLY Tunnel Systems announces new line of modular wind tunnels for outdoor installation

iFLY gen x model

iFLY, a world leader in indoor skydiving tunnels, has created a new line of modular wind tunnels for outdoor installation, available in two designs.

iFLY is pleased to announce that it has created a new modular tunnel with a fast build and low costs, in order to meet the needs of customers who are seeking an efficient yet smaller Indoor Skydiving facility, which can also be moved if necessary.

The two new designs, Generation M and Generation X, have been designed with customer safety and ROI at the forefront.

Fully modular solutions

Generation X creates impact thanks to its tall, all-glass flight chamber that is visible from the inside and the outside. This design is ideal for malls, stadium parking lots, redevelopment of mall retail anchors and more. It is also a good choice for sites with high levels of people or cars passing by, as well as for shorter land leases or for testing the market.

The Gen X model can be rated as a temporary structure and approved as a ride. It creates both a fun experience for visitors and a show for those nearby.

Gen M Retail Concept iFLY

Generation M is a low cost, flexible choice which comes in two different options – Open and Recirculating. The Open design is created for locations with shorter leases, as well as pop-ups and showcases, but can also be easily upgraded to the Gen M Recirculating. This delivers the same flight chamber but features enclosed air for a quieter experience.

New opportunities

These new designs allow operators to minimize indoor space, attracting those eager for a new experience in a post-COVID-19 world. Assembly of the fully-modular solutions is done offsite, with container-sized pieces arriving on site ready to be put together. The full assembly time on-site is 4-8 weeks.

The Gen X and Gen M models provide a good ROI with a lower entry price, lower build cost and fast construction, allowing more partners to join iFLY and offer a unique experience to their guests. The new modular designs feature the same iFLY brand power, technology and safety as the rest of the iFLY product range.

iFLY Gen M Recirculating - Retail Concept

“The newly launched models are a game-changer for the industry,” says Simon Ward, CEO of iFLY Indoor Skydiving. “Operators interested in owning a wind tunnel have options at unprecedented low costs without sacrificing the quality of the flight experience our customers enjoy.

“Family Entertainment Center and Leisure operators will love the new models and the flexibility at which they can be integrated within a variety of projects. Models with lower project costs expands not only the accessibility for operators, but also the volume of markets to invest in. The opportunity to join the iFLY franchise family is vastly expanded.

“Flying is a dream that is shared cross-culturally around the world; ownership in an iFLY wind tunnel is now within much greater reach. We are passionate about what we do and we look forward to growing our family of franchisees in Delivering the Dream of Flight.”

iFLY owns, operates and partners with highly profitable tunnels around the world, including the world’s largest.

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