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LAI Games and D-BOX ensure perfect motion for Virtual Rabbids expansion

D-BOX Virtual Rabbids

LAI Games, a leader in the interactive entertainment and gaming industry, and D-BOX Technologies, a world leader in immersive motion entertainment experiences, have ensured perfectly synchronised motion simulation for the Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride expansion.

LAI Games, alongside partner D-BOX, is pleased to announce that the companies have been working closely on the finishing touches to an update for the award-winning VR Ride featuring the popular wacky characters.

LAI Games VP of Research and Development, Shannon Perell, recently returned from a visit to the D-BOX world headquarters, located in Quebec, Canada. The purpose of this meeting was to put the finishing touches on motion simulation for the much-anticipated update for Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride.

Virtual Rabbids The Big RidePrecise timing

D-BOX worked to ensure that the motion of the seats is accurately timed. It is important that they synchronise with the new video experiences created by Ubisoft, the creators of the Rabbids brand and the team behind the original Virtual Rabbids rides.

Motion control is a key element in player enjoyment and game performance for VR experiences. Sights, sounds, and movement must all work together in order to trick the brain and create a fully-immersive experience. If the audio-visual cues do not tie in with the motion, the player is not able to suspend disbelief, and can even be left feeling sick.

D-BOX an obvious choice for LAI Games

D-BOX’s expertise and successful track record led them to be the obvious choice for LAI Games. In order to provide the motion base for The Big Ride, D-BOX created multiple layers of detail through:

  • Movement – This is related to what players see and how the characters are moving in the space, including weightlessness effects, simulated g-force and sense of speed.
  • Vibration – This is related to what players hear. For example, any types of motors or engines, ground handling, rotor blades, tension & emotion amplification and perfect bass sound effect synchronisation.
  • Texture – These are composite motion elements used to generate specific feedback in any simulation or environment. It can be user-related sensations as well as perspective-based elements.

Artistic process in motion design

LAI Games debuted the new Virtual Rabbids ride experiences earlier this summer at Bowl Expo and received good reviews. After this, the final step was to fine-tune the synchronisation of the D-BOX motion system with the video. Perell worked closely with D-BOX motion designers to make sure that the three new experiences provide the same quality experience as the original Virtual Rabbids ride. She contributed first-hand to the artistic process behind D-BOX motion design. Together with the designers, they ensured that every single detail of the media content would be perfectly replicated in the immersive seats.

On the creation of this immersive experience, Sales Vice President for D-BOX, Yannick Gemme says: “The best D-BOX experiences really do come from such a co-creation process with our partners, in which they tap into our many years of motion design experience to fully convey intentions, feelings and action all while creating something truly unique and immersive for users.”

“Space Skirmish” is the first Rabbids experience to feature “hybrid D-BOX motion”. A linear motion track supports the on-rail ride aspect, while integrated motion provides support for the shooting action. This is done through perfectly synchronised vibrations, giving players a complete set of sensory feedback.

Hybrid D-BOX Motion

The Big Expansion Pack

The update, called The Big Expansion Pack, includes three new ride experiences as well as the three original rides. It will also feature cabinet signage and marketing materials, so venues are able to generate a buzz amongst players about the new content. In addition to this, the update includes a set of consumables to help keep the game in top condition.

D-BOX Technologies recently announced that it is celebrating 10 years of success in the movie business, a milestone that coincided with the release of Universal Pictures’ Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, a franchise that the company has been coding for a decade.

LAI Games released Virtual Rabbids: The Big Expansion Pack this week.

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