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Koezio and Happinov win Innovation award for escape room in Lille

Koezio happinov l'innovation award

The Koezio escape room opened in September in the French city of Lille. And now the new Mission Hors Contrôle – co-produced by Koezio and Happinov and described as “the biggest escape room in the world” – has been recognised with a “Venus de l’Innovation” award.

The honour came on November 27 at the trade show Heavent Paris. At Mission Hors Contrôle (Out of Control Mission), visitors are presented with an immersive team challenge that takes the escape room experience to the next level.

Koezio Happinov L'innovation award

The character Le Pitch, aka Dr Ego, has taken control of the Special Agent Training Centre. Guests’ mission is to track him down and prevent him from putting his evil plan into practice. And they have just 90 minutes to do so!

As they fight the diabolical genius of Dr Ego, teams help good triumph over evil in a spectacular setting. Composed of two to five players, groups cross 15 different rooms where their team spirit, boldness and brain power will be put to the test.

Accessible to explorers from 1.3m in height, Mission Hors Contrôle offers an extremely immersive experience with its diverse and funny challenges. During their adventure, players will also encounter augmented reality and other special effects, plus a “hush hush” grand finale.

Since 2006, Koezio has been designing innovative leisure experiences to spur the mind and the body. In addition to Lille, where it already operates Mission Agents D’Elite, it also has locations in Paris and Brussels. Together these host over 450,000 annual visits. In addition, the company now has plans to open new indoor entertainment centres in Lyon, London, Amsterdam and Madrid.

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Owen Ralph

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