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project:syntropy announces new Interactive Race Tunnel

project:syntropy race tunnel

project: syntropy, creator of technology and display solutions for dome cinemas and immersive attractions, presents its new Interactive Race Tunnel.

project:syntropy is pleased to announce its latest creation, the Interactive Race Tunnel. This new interactive and educational attraction can be enjoyed by the whole family, as they pit themselves against their favourite animals in a race.

Not only can players learn facts about the speeds of different wild animals, but they can also get a chance to experience what that speed looks and feels like in reality, by racing against them. The tunnel features a 15 metre-long wall, on which many different animals can be projected. These projections then run along the wall, reflecting their natural speeds in the wild.

A ‘real-life’ race

project:syntropy interactive race tunnelChildren and adults alike can take part in the Interactive Race Tunnel, challenging themselves against a range of different animals. This allows them to put into perspective the facts about how fast animals really run – some they might be able to beat while others are too super-fast to catch! Thanks to technology, players can enjoy a unique experience that would not be possible in the wild.

Attendees at the Saudi Entertainment and Amusement Expo in Riyadh on 3 – 5 February will be able to find out more about this new product, and can email to set up a meeting here. In addition to this, visitors to IAAPA Expo Asia in Macao on 8 – 11 June will be able to try it for themselves as the company unveils the new unit at its booth.

In 2019, project:syntropy teamed up with Intamin Amusement Rides once again in order to create a unique new attraction called 360 Fly Adventure. This is based on an innovative design by Valerio Mazzoli and provides visitors with a 360-degree visual immersion. It includes a 20m high curved screen, a dynamic ride, and special effects such as fire, water, and wind.

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