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SPREE Interactive launches VR laser tag game bundle

Company has also upgraded to the Pico Interactive Neo 3 headset

Tower Tag SPREE Interactive

SPREE Interactive, a provider of active free-roam VR experiences, has now entered into the esports sector, thanks to its latest launch, the VR Laser Tag game bundle, and an upgrade to Pico Interactive’s Neo 3 headsets. These state-of-the-art headsets mean that players can enjoy expanded gameplay creativity and a more immersive experience.

The Pico Neo 3 headset features a 4K display running at a 90Hz framerate, making it an ideal fit for SPREE Interactive’s VR Laser Tag game bundle of esports titles, Tower Tag and Cops vs. Robbers. Played on the SPREE Arena, these games can accommodate up to 10 players at a time.


Cops vs. Robbers

“A great sign of the ease with which our partners will be able to migrate to the Neo 3 Pro from the Neo 2,” says Leland Hedges. “We are happy to extend our previous relationship to this new HMD and we can’t wait to see all the new creative applications and content that our platform will help enable.”

This new game bundle can be played by those aged 10 years and above. It includes simple to operator zapper controllers for an enjoyable player experience, allowing operators to enhance their existing offer and to appeal to a broader audience.


SPREE Interactive joined forces with Reality on Demand Studios and Knucklehead Studios to host the laser tag-like game Cops vs. Robbers. Here, players can switch between different maps in a bank heist battle, which can be played as player vs. player or team vs. team.

“Since the start of VR, we have been contemplating the potential of wireless VR,” says Wouter van den Bijgaart, Managing Director of Reality on Demand Studios. “The second it became available on the market, we vouched to create a memorable VR experience for everyone to enjoy. We’re excited to have found a partner in SPREE—their vision resonates with our own.”

Tower Tag


The bundle also includes Tower Tag, a dynamic paintball-like PVP shooter game created by VR Nerds. This is set in a futuristic land, with an easy-to-use grappling hook locomotion method, and appeals to players due to its competitive nature.

“We took the core mechanics of paintball and laser tag to transfer the feeling of not only aiming at opponents but also dodging behind obstacles,” says Phillip Steinfatt, CEO of VR Nerds. “It is a very active game in the VR world and we are proud to have partnered with SPREE Interactive as they host the mobile, free-roam version in the SPREE Arena.”

Thanks to the launch of this bundle, operators can now offer esports competitions with real-time leaderboards. Plus, the SPREE Arena has a smaller footprint than a traditional laser tag attraction and does not need to be altered in order to change the game.

“Our goal is to supply our customers with entertainment that adheres to the latest trends in order to grow their location’s foot traffic. With a surge in the VR eSports market, the Laser Tag Bundle is the perfect addition to our library of games and allows our customers to offer their guests the latest VR eSports action,” says Jonathan Nowak Delgado, Co-founder and managing director of SPREE Interactive.

Earlier this year, SPREE Interactive supplied its Virtual Reality Arena to Costa’s Family Fun Park in Pennsylvania, where it has replaced the attraction’s traditional coin-operated arcade.

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