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Valo Motion launches new AR-based climbing game, Hullaballoon

Hullaballoon double setup of ValoClimb

Valo Motion, a pioneer in combining interactive technology with physical activities, is introducing a new augmented reality (AR) based climbing game called Hullaballoon.

Valo Motion is pleased to announce the launch of Hullaballoon, a new group AR-based climbing game that can be enjoyed by 1 – 4 people, using the company’s award-winning ValoClimb platform. Players compete in the fun climbing challenge by trying to pop the most balloons.

The new game even includes a birthday mode, where a personalised birthday greeting pops up once the game is over.

A memorable experience

“Since birthday parties are a big part of our customers’ business, we wanted to make sure that our customers can offer memorable and unique experiences to their visitors. The birthday mode is a short festive and party-themed version of the normal game mode, which our customers can enable for special occasions, ” says Antti Sandberg, the lead developer of the game.

The game is designed to enable players to get right into the action without having to read instructions or get to grips with a complex system. It features the latest updates to Valo Motion’s proprietary body tracking system, ValoVision, to provide the most precise body tracking in a Valo Motion game to date and make the game even easier to play.

The system tracks each player’s individual points throughout that game, as well as group points. It also includes special balloons that give climbers special powers, and these change from game to game to encourage repeat play.

Fun for all

Hullaballoon, like other ValoClimb games, focuses on fun for all and can be enjoyed by both beginner and more advanced players. For instance, the tempo adapts in real-time to the players’ skills and the size of the game area can be adapted too. It can be played by 1 – 4 people at the same time, although small children should be supervised.

Players can join and leave teams at any point, competing with each other to pop balloons or working together to beat the current high score. The scores can be shared online instantly using a touchscreen, to encourage others to play and compete, in a recent addition to the ValoClimb unit.

Valo Motion also recently announced that its augmented reality (AR) game platform, ValoJump, can now be enjoyed on a massive 86-inch display.

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