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Valo Motion presents new Active eSports League

ValoLeague is the first-ever Active eSports League for mixed reality trampoline and climbing walls

Valo Motion ValoLeague

Valo Motion, a pioneer in combining interactive technology with physical activities, has announced the launch of ValoLeague: the first-ever Active eSports League for mixed reality (XR) trampoline and climbing walls. Thanks to the company’s network of more than 700 installations, across 55 countries, players can compete to become the world champion, from their local venue.

“Sports or games are favourite pastimes for many of us and competitions always spice up the challenge,” says Dr Raine Kajastila, CEO and founder of Valo Motion. “By combining sports, games, and competitions, we get Active eSports League. It encourages people to move and challenge each other on a global scale, while still having awesome fun!”


Active eSports brings together physical activity with digital gameplay for a gamified sports experience. Even while people can’t travel widely in the wake of the pandemic, ValoLeague brings players together globally, allowing them to connect with others while improving their skills and building endurance.

Valo Motion’s global device infrastructure and technology act as a platform to grow a network of enthusiasts, playing and competing from their local park or gym. Seasonal competitions give an added push to train and improve their scores. The activity is also safe and easy to use, without the need for wearables.

The competitive angle encourages repeat play, for a fun and energising workout that builds performance. Players can see their scores and rankings in real-time, and can also access and monitor them on their mobile device using the new ValoApp. With the companion app to Valo Motion games, users can compare their scores and their game history, as well as viewing other players’ games and share sports and training videos.

Fun and competitive experience

ValoLeague is designed to fit local events and tournaments, enabling park owners and venues to create a competitive games experience for their visitors.

“Personal growth and success also come from learning from others. With ValoLeague, we give players a platform to connect and compete globally, to share experiences and best practices with fellow sports enthusiasts,” says Janina Salo-Glasemann, Operations Manager, Valo Motion.

Valo Motion games are designed to be fun for a wide range of skill levels as players build their skills and experience the joy of movement. While on the trampoline or climbing wall, the company’s technology tracks their every move for a responsive, immersive experience.

One recent innovation is Valo Motion’s Jumpball game for trampolines, which uses custom collision physics technology and works out which direction players hit the ball, and how hard. This means that they can accurately aim their shots and adjust their hit power. Like other games from the company, it has both single and double players modes, allowing for players to enjoy a solo or a competitive experience.

Recently, Dr Kajastila spoke about the founding of Valo Motion and how he turned a passion for climbing into a full-time career.

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