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Intamin celebrates the opening of Kondaa at Walibi Belgium

The highest and fastest coaster in the region has 1,200 metres of track and reaches high speeds of up to 113 km/h

walibi belgium kondaa coaster

Intamin, a creator of record-breaking amusement rides, has announced that Kondaa, the highest and fastest roller coaster in Benelux, is now open at Walibi Belgium. The new themed Intamin Mega Coaster, set within the new Exotic World themed land, opened to the public on 8 May 2021.

“The legend says that 5000 years ago there was a frightful creature,” explains the publicity around the ride. “Whoever tried to fight it, paid it with their lives, except one brave warrior who was able to tame this gigantic monster and snatch an egg from it. Forgotten until today, the egg hatches and the monster’s back: Kondaa.”

Coater features several world firsts

Kondaa boasts 1,200 metres of track and reaches high speeds of up to 113 km/h. It also has 15 airtime moments – more than any other steel coaster in the world. Riders on the new coaster will enjoy a mix of weightlessness, airtime and multiple changes of direction.

Firstly, a 45-degree steep lift takes guests 50 metres above the ground before heading down into a side twisting drop with an 80-degree decline. Then, the first airtime hill is followed by a unique outward banked airtime hill and then the world’s first non-inverting cobra roll.

walibi belgium kondaa coaster

Riders also experience a speed airtime hill into a ground-hugging curve, leading to the world’s first wall stall with two seconds of weightlessness, before the train switches direction for a 115-degree over-banked high-turn followed by eight more elements, including the world’s first side banked double down. The ride finishes with a jump into the brake run and a 180-degree turn as it draws into the themed station.

There are two fully themed trains, each seating 24 visitors with ergonomically shaped seats and over the shoulder lap bars for safety and comfort.

Earlier this year, Intamin also announced that another brand new ride, Legendary Twin Dragon, is now open at Sunac Land in Chongqing, China. This is the highest and fastest Double Twisted Impulse Coaster in the world.

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