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Intamin celebrates opening of world’s highest and fastest Double Twisted Impulse Coaster

Legendary Twin Dragon reaches a height of 70 metres and top speeds of 120 km/h

Sunac Land Intamin Legendary Twin Dragon

Intamin, a creator of record-breaking amusement rides, has announced that a brand new ride, Legendary Twin Dragon, has now opened at Sunac Land in Chongqing, China, where it has become the highest and fastest Double Twisted Impulse Coaster in the world.

This launch coaster, which uses Intamin’s powerful LSM drive system, has a space-efficient footprint with a physical track length of 251 metres, 1400 metres of experienced track length and a top height of 70 metres. The 360° twisted track rises into the sky where it can be seen from across the park.

Legendary Twin Dragon at Sunac Land

Riders on the suspended-seating train are launched forward into the spike element where they reach a height of 40 metres followed by weightless airtime and a rollback through the station for a second launch, this time reaching a height of 52 metres on the opposite twisting spike element.

Guests enjoy four forward and four backward swings in total, with a top height of around 65 metres, as well as six weightless airtime experiences, exciting accelerations and a top speed of nearly 120 km/h.

The coaster is dragon-themed and has 32 ergonomically shaped seats with over-the-shoulder lap bars for comfort, freedom and safety.

Last year, Intamin revealed its new user-friendly website. The company worked to improve the user experience and to make the site responsive. Visitors to the new-look site can quickly find information on Intamin’s products and services by browsing the easy-to-navigate categories. Plus they can view the service area of the website, for access to technical support.

Also in 2020, the company released details of four new rides to the industry. Theses are the Hot Racer, Vertical LSM, Giga Splash and Ultra Splash. Intamin has a long history of innovation, most recently winnings an IAAPA Brass Ring Award for its Dueling Dragons ride in November 2019.

Top image kind courtesy Yuan Chen,

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