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Sports Simulator presents eco entertainment & gaming

Renewable energy communications are easier with the aid of interactive sports

Sports Simulator Solar Panel Game

Sports Simulator, a provider of advanced leisure simulators, has introduced an entertaining new way to help audiences understand environmental principles and eco-friendly sources of energy.

Brands looking to engage customers in these topics can now utilise ‘eco sports’ technology from Sports Simulator to promote green values and sustainability.

“Marketing renewable energy to consumers is key for the global electricity industry, which is rapidly expanding the use of new energy technologies,” says the firm. “Consumers are eager to adopt more renewable energy sources and energy providers are keen to help customers understand the transition to renewable energy and what it might mean for them.”

Sports Simulator Dubai Wind Power
Wind turbines in a branded Dubai environment

Delivering marketing content to consumers about renewables can be seen as overwhelming by some audiences, especially those who cannot relate to the topic or have other priorities. Articles, documentaries and literature may work for some groups, but not others.

Sports Simulator has identified that using more visual forms of content, such as interactive entertainment, can help organisations to overcome these communication challenges. Using gaming helps to simplify important concepts and drive increased interest through participation. “Consumers will engage more if entertainment is weaved into communications,” adds the firm.

Environmental matters

Renewable energy is derived from natural resources that can be converted into clean, usable energy, and are used to compensate for up to 20% of current global energy consumption levels. Whilst solar and wind energies are the most prominent sources, other forms include biomass, geothermal, tidal and hydroelectric.

With many organisations looking to broaden the awareness of renewable energy, Sports Simulator has been asked to develop a selection of energy game challenges, using as many sports types as possible.

Sports Simulator Egypt Solar

The company has responded by transforming a selection of its most popular activities to incorporate in-game branding. Specific power game challenges now incorporate photo-voltaic solar panels and wind turbines, promoting green messages on a wider scale without losing audiences, instead engaging them proactively with practical eco solutions.

Sports Simulator recently celebrated the opening of Unstoppable SportsZone, where visitors can play up to sixty of the firm’s mixed reality sports games.

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