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Alcorn McBride Adds Dante™ Option to Binloop Family of Audio and Video Players


Alcorn McBride Adds Dante™ Option to Binloop Family of Audio and Video Players

Alcorn McBride is pleased to announce that its Binloop family of products (Digital Binloop, A/V Binloop, A/V Binloop HD) has added Dante as an option to the product line.  

The Binloop is the industry standard for perfectly synchronized A/V playback.  

The products can synchronize up to 32-channels of audio (sample accurate), 16-channels of Standard-Definition video (frame-accurate), and 8-channels of HD video (frame-accurate) without any need for an external sync source or control system.  Multiple Binloop products can be combined to achieve more audio and video channels.  These scalable devices offer flexible control along with audio options for Cobranet and now Dante. 

Alcorn McBride partnered with Audinate to offer Dante, its patented media networking solution that makes digital media networking easy.  Dante delivers a no hassle, self-configuring, true plug-and-play digital audio network using standard Internet Protocols   Gigabit Ethernet.  It distributes digital audio plus integrated control data with sub millisecond latency, sample-accurate playback synchronization, extreme reliability and high channel counts.  Dante has been licensed by customers across the AV industry and can be found in fixed installations, live sound, broadcast and recording applications globally.
“The addition of Dante provides a higher channel count and lower latency, and in a distributed audio system lower latency means greater accuracy, ” says Alcorn McBride director of sales, Larry Howard.  “Dante will also incorporate the AVB (AV Bridging) protocol in the future to complement Dante’s rich feature set.  Dante puts us on a good path to the future.”
Dante has become the fastest growing networking solution, Howard notes.  “By offering the Dante option we gain more access to our customers who are designing Dante networks.  Customers will be able to network Binloop products with their Dante-enabled systems.”
Dante is also expected to open up a new client base for the Binloop family in the U.S.  “Our customers have traditionally been theme parks, amusement parks and museums, ” says Howard.  “Dante tends to be used in live staging, theater and corporate events.  Customers in those market segments may have digital consoles with Dante inputs, so coming out with Binloops that can go straight into their consoles will give us a big advantage.”
Dante makes networking a true plug-and-play process with automatic device discovery and system configuration so users can skip complicated, error-prone set up procedures.  Dante is built on global networking standards, including Internet Protocols – not just Ethernet.  Dante technology works as an IT network capable of transporting professional-quality audio with no limits on layout options. Latency is extremely low with Dante, whether users choose to run their Dante network with fixed latency or optimized latency.
Alcorn McBride’s Binloop product offers customers a unique solution for playback systems that are not currently available today, ” says Dave Anderson, Director of Sales Audinate. “Alcorn McBrides's decision to incorporate Dante into the Binloop family of products will be a welcome addition and can be easily added to a larger existing installed base of Dante systems.”
“Offering the Dante option in our Binloop family of products is a win-win proposition, ” Howard concludes. “Binloop customers get immediate advantages in performance, Alcorn McBride gains access to new customers around the world and new market segments in the U.S., and Dante positions all of us to interoperate today with a vast Dante ecosystem from over 100 manufacturers products, or with products for the coming AVB network.”

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