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Avolites releases new Titan v15 software

The latest version of its integrated lighting and media control software includes the highly-anticipated Timeline feature set

Titan v15 Avolites

Avolites, the global lighting and video control company, has announced the release of the latest version of its award-winning Titan software, v15. The updated iteration of its integrated lighting and media control software includes the highly-anticipated Timeline feature set.

This feature enables users to program and edit timecoded shows using visually-led tools. This means that they are able to set up the full range of Avolites lighting and video effects for a project, quicker than ever before.

Introducing Timelines

With Timelines, users can create precisely timed sequences, which can then be run from the consoles internal time or be synchronised to an external timecode source. This new feature is useful for a wide range of situations. for instance, for complex songs within shows, where the song is pre-recorded or run to a click track or timecode, a multimedia event run to a playback track or in an opening sequence for a corporate event.

Titan v15 allows individual actions or ‘triggers’ to be captured manually through the Titan UI, or entire performances can be captured using live record. It can then playback all the trigger actions, for example, Set Level, Go to cue, Flash, Timed Flash, Timed Flash and Go, Swop, Preload, Wait for go — in sync with the performance.

In addition to this, the latest version of Titan includes updated editing features. For instance, it allows operators to merge several live records in order to build up complex effects over a whole song. It can also convert triggers into linear fades, and a ‘smooth’ feature allows selected triggers to be grouped together into a continuous fade. Meanwhile, Timecode Offset can be used to shift the whole program to a new base time without changing the triggers, or to deploy smaller offsets of a few frames to line up video, audio and fixtures.

Titan continues to develop

There is also an overview bar, which gives operators a view of the whole timeline for ease of navigation and selection. Plus, Markers can be created or imported from external editors and there is a busking ability using the fader raised and lowered actions, meaning the users can create complex one-shot effects.

“The Timeline feature set is something that our users have been requesting for a while now, and, after an extensive period of beta testing, we are delighted to be able to deliver it as part of Titan v15,” says Olie Waits, Avolites Titan Lead Developer.  

Paul Wong, Avolites Managing Director, says “This release reaffirms our commitment to the continuing development of the Titan platform and our mission to lead the world in offering in-depth technical products and solutions both in lighting and video which are accessible to everyone.” 

Titan v15 is now available here.

Earlier this year, Avolites also launched a new online learning tool to train users on its Titan and Ai software platforms. 

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