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Barco celebrates worldwide success of UDX series projectors

Barco UDX projector

Barco, the global technology company, has been taking a look at some of the iconic projects from around the globe that the UDX series projector has been a part of since its launch in March 2017.

Barco is pleased to announce that since the launch of the UDX series, the projectors have unleashed over 50 million lumens on the business. The innovative projectors have contributed to a wide range of exciting projects around the world, from sporting events to music concerts.

Legendary music events

The UDX series is an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor music concerts, due to its durable design and compact size. One of the most well-known music events in the world is the BBC Proms in London’s Royal Albert Hall. For the 2018 Proms, SFL used Barco’s technology to create a kaleidoscopic light show as a backdrop to the Youth ensemble. In addition to this, it designed a stunning outdoor projection too, creating artistic façade mapping.

This was the biggest audiovisual attraction ever conceived at the Proms, and the idea was brought to life by 20 UDX projectors. After this success, SFL has continued to use Barco projectors for its subsequent projects at the iconic venue.

From historical buildings to beach parties, UDX projectors keep the entertainment going. The Melody Maker hotel in Cancun, Mexico, offers its guests a party that never stops, with a huge permanent 3D mapping installation on the outside of the building. This provides a stunning backdrop to global superstars such as Tiesto, David Guetta and Paris Hilton. NewMedia Creative Technology Studio used 16 UDX projectors to illuminate the hotel’s façade.

Holy temples

It’s not just concert halls and party venues who look to cutting edge audiovisual solutions. The Jokhang Buddhist temple, located in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa, is often called “the roof of the world”, and is regarded as being one of the holiest temples in the land. Although the temple dates back to the year 650, Barco’s partner Landsky created a truly modern projection for the square in front. Even though it was built at over 3,700m (12,000 feet) altitude, the UDX had no issues with the location, coping with high altitudes, low temperatures and low pressure.

World-famous sporting tournaments

Viewers around the world were glued to the 2018 Invictus Games, watching incredible athletes who had sustained injuries while serving in the forces. A competition of this size deserved an epic backdrop and Barco’s partners Technical Direction Company created impressive projection mapping onto the Sydney Opera House. Despite an unexpected storm, the UDX performed brightly, lighting up the famous landmark with large-format 4k projection.

Lighting up landmarks

UDX has supported visual spectacles at instantly recognisable tourist attractions all over the world, for example, Grand Central Terminal in New York City. However, it has also been used to create new landmarks in some unlikely places. The Xiahuayuan District in the city Zhangjiakou – former Royal Garden, coal-fired power plant and heat-generating unit – has now been reimagined into a tourist attraction.

The Ansheng Group used UDX to present a brightly coloured 3D mapping show on the three cooling towers. Visitors are wowed by a show including a dragon that bursts out of the tower, crumbling it to dust. The images are convincing, with rich colours, sharp images and seamless blending – yet the towers are still standing once the show is over.

New additions

The UDX series is the most compact, high-brightness laser projection platform with integrated cooling on the market. These flexible projectors provide reliable, razor-sharp images for a variety of events in a wide range of venues. With new additions to the range, Barco’s technology provides an offer to many different users.

Barco recently announced a new 1000+ unit deal with Cineworld and Cinionic, to provide its laser projectors to theatres worldwide.

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