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Bidooh to launch Minority Report style face-scanning ads


Manchester-based OOH adtech company Bidooh plans to utilise thousands of Minority Report style face-scanning smart screens across Eastern Europe.

The screens will be used in the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovakia and Romania. They will be used in shopping centres, malls, cinemas, theme park, offices, parks, petrol stations and airports.

Cameras in the screens can scan the faces of people in its proximity to detect gender, age, emotion, facial hair, and the use of sunglasses or glasses. It will display relevant ads and send advertisers realtime logistics.

Personalised advertising

Abdul Alim, chief executive and co-founder of Bidooh, told The Drum that blockchain technology will be used to transmit information securely. He said: “Whenever an advert is displayed on a screen, the time-stamp and view data will be recorded on the blockchain, meaning that advertisers can be sure their adverts are being displayed and seen in real-time and that data is stored on an immutable ledger and cannot be manipulated for the benefit of the screen owner or advertiser.

“We believe this method of storage and transparency will become the industry standard and we’re building a public blockchain that can be used and trusted by the DOOH industry as a whole.

“We are experiencing significant commercial demand from Eastern Europe because there is a proliferation of shopping malls in these countries which are seeking the latest technological advancements to generate advertising revenues.”

Technology is increasingly important for personalising the guest experience and industry analysts predict that the demand for personalised experiences will grow. But in the age of Cambridge Analytica style scandals and tighter regulation such as GDPR, new technology needs to address public concerns about data collection and privacy.

Bidooh say that they comply with GDPR regulations and automatically anonymise all data gathered.

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