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Connect&GO launches Konnect platform for leisure attractions

This new virtual wallet-driven platform is designed for the attractions industry

Screens from Konnect software for leisure and entertainment

Connect&GO, a leader in Guest Experience Engineering and wearable RFID technology for events and attractions, announces its new platform. Designed especially for the attractions industry, “Konnect” is a virtual wallet-driven platform.

Connect&GO is best known for its smart wristbands that were used during major sporting events like the Superbowl, and Olympic Games. However, Connect&GO has also served major amusement and water parks, resorts, and festivals worldwide. The company is based in Montreal, Orlando, and Paris.

Expanding virtual wallets

 In spite of the pandemic, the company has experienced record growth. “We plan to continue growing and staying doubly focused on innovating technologically within the attractions industry,” says Dominic Gagnon, co-founder & CEO of Connect&GO.

The Konnect product is already in use in more than 10 attractions and parks globally. Because of this growth, the company predicts over 5 million virtual wallets will be on its system by 2022. When a guest purchases a ticket, the system creates a virtual wallet. Then, the virtual wallet can be assigned to a wearable, RFID card or smartphone.

Connect&Go product Konnect in use at amusement parks

The wallet functions like a digital passport within the event or attraction ecosystem, thanks to a modular operations management system. The virtual wallet stores data regarding personalization, privileges, purchases, and cashless payments. Konnect also allows for loyalty programs and guest rewards to accumulate when linked to its guest experience engine Play&GO.

“One of the most powerful advantages of our platform is to digitize the products on a wristband or on the buyer’s mobile device,” says Marc-André Dubé, technical director, product management at Connect&GO. “This makes it possible to create a multitude of products and combinations for the attraction making our tool an incredible revenue generator.”

Cloud-based ecosystem

For park managers, the Konnect cloud-based ecosystem provides flexible software module options from access control to experiential activation. Available features include capacity control, marketing automation, waivers, and retail POS, among others.

The data collected by the system make it possible for managers to elevate the guest experience—and their communications strategy. “Unlike the majority of solutions on the market, Konnect allows you to really obtain an advanced analysis of customer behavior by de-anonymizing it,” says Mathieu Dupuis, vice-president, product & technology. “Now you can find out what their food preferences are or what experiences they have participated in to help you adjust your offerings.”

For guests, this could mean frictionless movement through experiences in a space. For example, one could make cashless payments, or even trigger an automated camera system to create and send virtual memories.

Connect&GO recently launched Play&GO, a guest experience and loyalty platform that allows operators to provide a range of customisable experiences.

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