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Cruden to Unveil New Powerboat Simulator at IAAPA 2014


Cruden, the world’s leading professional motion simulation company, is to unveil its new fully integrated powerboat simulator at IAAPA this year.  

Visit Booth 1047 to see the Cruden Powerboat 5CTR

The Cruden Powerboat 5CTR is an interactive experience for up to five people – two “crew” at the front control the helm, throttle, trim and navigation whilst the remaining three participate in the action from the back seats.  There is also an option to have two or more boats racing against each other.

This is the first time that the complete simulator will be revealed; Cruden launched the powerboat’s ‘vehicle model’ and seascape visuals at the IAAPA show last year.

Frank Kalff, commercial director of Cruden, explains, “We are very excited about the impact the Cruden Powerboat 5CTR will make on the IAAPA show floor this year.  We were keen to get initial feedback from the industry last year and so married up the powerboat simulator software with a motorsport motion system. People had so much fun and couldn’t believe how realistic the experience was, in particular the elating feeling of bouncing off the waves again and again.”

Cruden to Unveil New Powerboat Simulator to IAAPA 2014

Bringing their detailed modelling approach to wave and boat dynamics, Cruden have worked with the Dutch military on its fast interceptor vessels and security boats as well as Florida powerboat specialists and drivers in order to achieve an unprecedented level of accuracy and realism, getting the powerboat motion just right.  

The result is an immersive high speed ride with realistic motion including roll, pitch and heave, and ocean swell, waves and the wake from other boats. 

Kalff says, “We’ve been developing more games and challenges including precision driving around buoys in creeks, lakes and the open sea. This will be one noisy ride – not just from the sound of the carefully tuned boat engine but because there will be five people shouting at each other, working as a team, to control and navigate the boat to achieve various challenges.”

A high end interactive ride, the Powerboat 5CTR offers greater guest throughput and a more affordable motion system than that required by a race car simulator.

The cost of the Powerboat 5CTR starts at €87, 500 for one simulator and €165, 000 for two in the recommended dual set-up.


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