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Dopamine Land immersive experience set to open in London

Visitors will feel happiness and relaxation as they enjoy experiences designed to trigger dopamine.

dopamine land london

Dopamine Land, a multi-sensory immersive experience where guests can burst bubbles, play games and step inside a popcorn machine, is opening in London in April 2022.

Dopamine Land will feature interactive rooms that merge innovative technology and traditional media. Visitors will feel happiness and relaxation as they enjoy experiences designed to trigger dopamine.

“Enter into a world of pleasure! Can you imagine a space created just to delight your senses and stimulate dopamine, the happiness hormone? Welcome to Dopamine Land, an interactive museum of incredibly satisfying sensory experiences,” reads a description.

“You will go through different immersive settings designed to stimulate touch, sight, smell and even memory. Pop bubbles, be inundated with the smell of fresh popcorn, travel to old-fashioned karaoke bars, or survive a spy mission by dodging laser beams. Enjoy an experience of totally irresistible happiness!”

Experiences designed to trigger dopamine

Similar to the ‘ground is lava’ game, one room at Dopamine Land is flooded with lights, visual effects and moving projections. Guests must find their way out of the room without falling over, and only one of the paths leads to the exit.

Another room is a luminous space that simulates a blue sky brimming with bubbles that visitors can explode using a bubble gun. In a different space, visitors will experience ever-changing projections and huge mirrors on the room’s walls and floors.

Guests can also step inside a popcorn machine, with the smell and sound of popcorn exploding around them and classic popcorn machines making sweet or salty snacks. Finally, visitors can enjoy a pillow fight area.

The secret location in London will be revealed soon.

Images: Dopamine Land

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