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BEAM Installed at Clinton Hospital with the Goal of Increasing Patient Comfort and Safety


The Clinton Hospital in Clinton, Massachusetts chose to install a BEAM system to entertain patients in a safe and germ-free environment. 

A BEAM system was recently installed in the Family Emergency Department Waiting area the Clinton Hospital, which is a member of UMass Memorial Health Care.  The hospital is located in Clinton, Massachusetts and recently opened a brand new, state-of-the-art Emergency Department.  More information about the hospital can be found at

Sheila Daly, RN, MS, President and CEO, Clinton Hospital explained why their organization decided to install BEAM, “Patient comfort and safety is a top priority at Clinton Hospital, and our new BEAM system helps us achieve both.”

Many health facilities have been highly interested in BEAM due to the fact that it is not only a low-maintenance entertainment solution; it also is completely germ free.  Unlike toys and equipment that would need to be sterilized, this system from BEAM does not have any parts that come into contact with the public.

BEAM is a virtual playground that is strictly activated by motion.  When children run, jump and play, this triggers sounds and visuals.  Plus, multiple children can interact with BEAM and one another without coming into physical contact with one another.

Daly elaborated, “If a patient needs to wait for treatment, the interactive BEAM system allows children visiting our ED to be entertained while simultaneously distracting them away from the reason they are here.  The hands-free game peaks the interest of most of our pediatric-age visitors (and many adults, too!), while alleviating infection transmission concerns normally associated with toys or books.  We’ve found the system also to be helpful to parents or caregivers, who may be ill or injured themselves, by engaging their child(ren) so they can rest until it’s time to be seen.”

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