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Frontgrid partners with Oasys MassMotion for safe & efficient throughput

Proximity modelling helps to configure ideal locations for ParadropVR units


Frontgrid, an expert in adventure leisure and virtual reality attractions, recently worked with Oasys MassMotion’s sophisticated pedestrian simulation tool in order to configure the ideal location of its ParadropVR units.

MassMotion is able to predict the movement of people in a complex 3D environment, meaning it can simulate pedestrian movements and analyse crowds. By using this tool at the design stage, it allows for informed alterations to an installation, making sure that visitors circulate safely, efficiently and without congestion.

Actionable data

Frontgrid asked Oasys to provide actionable insights on the best way of configuring ParadropVR, its award-winning virtual reality flying experience. As the units are modular, they can be installed in circles, multi-storey or in areas with little space. The best configuration will change with different installations, depending on the pedestrian traffic flow of each location.

MassMotion is able to take information on the account load, journey and exit times, and provide Frontgrid with data that show the best way of managing the space surrounding the ride.

ParadropVR entered the market in 2017 and has since been proven to generate revenue at its 9 destinations across the globe. Now, with the MassMotion tool, Frontgrid is able to provide its clients with a revenue calculator, helping them to predict likely usage and revenue, based on footfall, location and price.

Calculating throughput and financial return

Matt Wells, co-founder at Frontgrid, says: “The MassMotion modelling further validates our predicted throughputs in a visual way showing clients how it is achievable. This is vital for the commerciality of the experience, as we can calculate the likely throughput for each venue and therefore the likely financial return on that basis.”

As visitor expectations change in the wake of the global pandemic, operators need to show they can provide safe and efficient queue flow management. Guests demand safety measures that allow them to enjoy the experience with short waiting times and maximum safety. By using this proximity modelling tool, Frontgrid is able to help its customers ensure safe social distancing and a successful reopening.

Last month, Frontgrid announced that it has been working on new upgrades for ParadropVR, and introduced Pod, a new compact version of the hardware which makes the attraction accessible for more venues. This update allows ParadropVR units to be run without an operator via a touchscreen kiosk, as well as allowing visitors to fly with their friends in-game for the first time.

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