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Holovis Presents Latest Immersive Dark Ride and Gaming Solution at IAAPA 2014


Holovis presented its latest highly immersive dark ride and interactive gaming solution, The Lost Cove, at IAAPA 2014 that took visitors on a virtual journey down turbulent river rapids, battling many dangers including giant spiders and piranhas, while collecting treasure along the way. 

The Technology Showcase demonstrated the company’s IP building blocks that are used to create completely turnkey and unique media and interactive based attractions. 

The heart of the solution was the highly immersive visual setup using a 180° display that surrounded the rider’s peripheral vision. The journey took place on the latest Holovis motion platform technology providing seamlessly synched organic and smooth motion with the real-time and ultra-high quality gaming environment, spatial audio and multiple SFX delivering a complete attraction that transformed the riders sensory experience in a highly compelling and unique way.

The interactive hand held devices allowed each rider to interface with the intense game play using the InterAct™ proprietary technology platform that delivers a highly accurate, easy to use interactive experience and allows seamless player interaction in 2D and 3D synthetic worlds within the Holovis Attractions range of solutions.

The Lost Cove gaming and CGI content was also created in-house buy the Holovis Digital Media Team and becomes the latest title within the DomeRider™ series.

Holovis immerses visitors at IAAPA 2014

Stuart Hetherington, CEO, Holovis explained,  “We had a fantastic response from visitors to the show who recognised that the immersive visuals make all the difference, delivering a 3D feel without the need for glasses. The addition of interactivity means that the experience can be different every time depending on the path that players chose to take within the game, stimulating ride repeatability, increased visitor engagement and high footfall levels.

“We ensure that the creative vision drives the entire process, with the complete solution delivered from ‘under one roof’. This results in a de-risked approach when creating these complex attractions, eliminating disjointed multiple 3rd party suppliers.”

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