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Christie powers projection mapping show on Indonesia’s National Monument

christie projection mapping

Christie visual solutions are powering a projection mapping show on Indonesia’s National Monument to welcome athletes for the upcoming Asian Games. 

The obelisk monument is 433 feet high and was built in 1961 to commemorate the struggle for Indonesian independence. It is one of the most prominent landmarks in the country.

A 25-minute show is staged every Friday to Sunday night and will continue until September 2. It features a number of eye-catching visual animations, thematic music and narration to recount the 1962 Asian Games held in Jakarta, tourist attractions in the city, and the 2018 Asian Games.

The spectacle has been made possible by Christie’s Indonesian partner Argo Visual. They used 14 Christie Roadster HD20K-J 3DLP® projectors. Contents were produced by local design house Tabia.

Challenges of the project

Ignatius Alvin Antono, managing director, Argo Visual, said: “We’re honoured to be involved in this projection mapping show to highlight Indonesia’s rich culture, the vibrancy of our country’s capital and how we had successfully hosted the fourth edition of the Asian Games in 1962, which brought about immense national pride. For a project of such significance, we decided that Christie’s J Series projectors are most ideal for deployment as they are reliable, can be installed in portrait position, easy to install, and able to deliver bright and high resolution images for an outstanding visual presentation.”

“It was a very rushed job due to the organizer’s last minute decision to commence the show five days in advance. As a result, we had to push forward our planning and execution schedule quite substantially. During the alignment process, we also encountered challenges in balancing the brightness of the projected visuals on the ‘cup’ of the Monas (that houses the Hall of Independence) with images projected on the tower’s surface because of a very low gain of the wall. Thankfully, with the experience and knowledge that we have accumulated through previous projects, we are able to overcome the challenges to successfully deliver the show on time.”

All 14 projectors were housed in a customised intermodal container to protect them from inclement weather conditions.

Eight HD20K-Js were installed in portrait mode. The remaining six units were deployed in landscape mode to cover the full height and width of the structure.

“Spectacular” show

The projection mapping show has been with acclaim. Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan called it “spectacular”. He suggested that video projection shows like this be conducted on a regular basis. This would allow more Indonesians to enjoy them.

Antono added: “The Christie J Series projectors blended impeccably in terms of colour matching and brightness to improve the overall experience of the show. We’re very pleased with the projectors’ performance and the overall results, despite the challenges of doing a projection mapping on Monas because of its unusual candle-like structure.”

Michael Bosworth, Executive Director for APAC, Enterprise, Christie, commented, “Christie visual solutions have enabled and empowered rental stagers to express their creativity and deliver captivating visuals and shared experiences. We congratulate Antono and his team at Argo Visual who have done a great job in deploying our J Series projectors to present an eye- catching projection mapping show at one of Indonesia’s most famous landmarks to welcome visitors to Jakarta for the Asian Games.”

World leader

The Christie Roadster HD20K-J high-brightness 3DLP projectors have a brightness of 20,000 center lumens, HD resolution, a dust-sealed engine. They also have embedded Christie® Twist™ and an Intelligent Lens System. This makes them ideally suited for large screen applications and demanding outdoor installations.

Christie is a world leader in creating and delivering the technology that brings themed attractions, shows and events to life. It works with major theme parks, museums, live events and attractions worldwide. Its Christie Widget Designer was utilised to bring a 6 metre tall puppet to life at the recent Vivid Sydney festival. The company’s visual solutions also powered the spectacular Nanhu Park Light and Water Dance Show in Bozhou, China.

Additional projects include bringing ancient Han Dynasty history to life at the revamped Hunan Museum and the projection mapping and light painting at the Lumieres Hong Kong festival.

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