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Little Garden Child Care Center Selects BEAM for Interactive Learning Experiences


BEAM has been installed at the Little Garden Child Care Center in Mount Kisco, New York. 

Little Garden Child Care Center Selects EyePlay System to Offer More Interactive Learning Experiences The Little Garden Child Care recently installed BEAM  with the goal of helping children foster gross motor skills, balance and coordination through physical activities.

This facility, located in Mount Kisco, NY offers care for children ranging from 3 months old to 5 years old.  They also offer care for kids 5-12 before and after school.  One of Little Garden Child Care’s goals is to inspire creativity and curiosity, and they found that BEAM could assist in a unique manner.  More information can be found at, or on their Facebook page at

Beatrice Santora, Director and Owner at the Little Garden Child Care Center in Mt. Kisco explained that she was originally interested in BEAM due to its ability to encourage movement.  When she learned that educational subjects were involved, she became even more excited.  She explained, “Ultimately, I would love for children to be able to associate learning and exercising, with fun and adventure –through BEAM.”

Keeping with their philosophy that children should learn by play, the staff at Little Garden Child Care appreciate the fact Little Garden Child Care Center Selects EyePlay System to Offer More Interactive Learning Experiences that the BEAM games have educational value and emphasize a wide variety of themes including geography, music, math, animal facts, astronomy, anatomy, nutrition and number and letter recognition.  The staff members also appreciate the fact that since no touching is involved, germs cannot be transmitted through the use of BEAM.  This factor is of huge assistance to a busy daycare center that serves many children.

To date, BEAM has become an integral part of the daily activities at Little Garden Child Care Center.  Beatrice Santora elaborated, “So far, BEAM has been able to engage even the most reserved children- when the screen projects on the floor, it’s hard for anyone to stand still.  BEAM has been a huge success with the children.”

She has also seen an impressive reaction with parents, “Not only are parents able to see their child actively developing their gross motor skills and coordination, but the excitement and overall energy that fills the room never goes unnoticed.  We are excited to show parents just how much their child is able to learn through the educational subject matter in BEAM for Education.”

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