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Mad Systems asks: conduit and cables – or exhibits?

It might, at first, seem like an impossible question, but it is really a simple one: where would you rather spend your budget?

Mad Systems: conduit in the ceiling

Mad Systems, the award-winning audiovisual and interactive system designer and integrator, announces a new, more flexible QuickSilver®. The QuickSilver system functions with wired infrastructure, or as a wireless solution.

The wireless version of the system requires only a single infrastructure signal cable venue. QuickSilver also couples with other patented Mad Systems solutions, including facial, colour, and license plate recognition-based media delivery.

Looking back—and even today—the typical exhibit has signal cables connecting it to a central rack room. Because servers are large and need to stay cool, there are HVAC considerations, and separate rack rooms are necessary. Conduits and signal extenders link interactive hardware and software to interfaces, projectors, and screens in the exhibit space.

The equipment can be costly, and the installation requires planning and coordination between architects, contractors and integrators. Cable schedules, conduit requirements, testing and install all have a price. Additionally, poor power phasing may lead to easily avoidable maintenance.

Interestingly, these expenses generally do not come out of exhibition design and production budgets. However, Mad Systems seeks to question this spending regardless of its source, as the budget is better spent on more or better quality exhibits and media.

A new trajectory Mad Systems calls AV++

Mad Systems likes to refer to next-generation solutions as “AV++™”—a new trajectory for the future of the AV industry. The company is excited to count QuickSilver among AV++ solutions because of its enhanced capabilities, like touchless integration, and a host of others.

The system’s panels, digital graphics, and personalized and dynamic content options engage viewers in new ways. And, large numbers of spoken and subtitle languages, ADA accommodations, media and content changes are easily handled with QuickSilver.

In January, Mad Systems welcomed AV and interactives professional, Toni Losier, to its Business Development team. Losier first joined Mad Systems in July 2020, bringing more than two decades of experience in the AV industry with her.

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