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MediaMation installs MX4D™ Motion EFX Theatre on tropical island of Curacao.


Mediamation Inc. (MMI), creators of state-of-the-art theatres and themed environments, has installed its patented MX4D™ EFX Theatre on the tropical island of Curacao.

Commissioned by the island’s small theatre chain, “The Movies & Cinema Curacao”, this is the Californian company’s first Caribbean installation. The 64-seat theatre in Willemstad, the island’s capital and a United Nations (UNESCO) World Heritage Site, opened with ‘Jurassic World’ on June 11th 2015.

Cor Dammers, Theatre General Manager, said MMI's eco-friendly credentials were a key deciding factor. He added: “We believe our local population, as well as our many island visitors, will enjoy the heightened excitement of the movie experience created by a full 64-seat MX4D™ theatre.”

The immersive MX4D™ technology is designed to heighten the viewer experience with special effects such as moving seats, air/water blasts, leg/neck ticklers, fog, seat/back pokers and seat rumblers. Programmed to sync with the on-screen action, the effects originate from the seats and from within the theatre itself.

Heather Blair, MediaMation Head of Cinema Sales, commented, “We at MMI are genuinely pleased that our innovative MX4D™ theatre is making its debut in the Caribbean, in such a beautiful island locale as Curacao. We believe it will further enhance the city of Willemstad’s status as an entertainment destination in this popular tourist region of the world, as well as serve as a major draw for young locals looking for a more immersive movie experience.”

“The Movies & Cinema Curacao” chain is one of the most innovative in the region. It was the first in the Caribbean to go wholly digital and is now one of the first to implement 4D technology.

“Regarding distant competitors who only offer a couple rows of moving seats, we don’t consider that 4D at all, just a part of it, ” explained Dammers. “MediaMation is simply the best option for our theatre at this time.”

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