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New laser projectors and LED tiles from Barco

Barco LED pop-art

Projection specialist Barco has a number of new products on the market, including a lightweight laser projector and a new range of LED tiles.

Barco UDM projectorUDM projector series

Weighing less than 50kg, the UDM follows Barco’s popular UDX series and is the lightest 22K laser projector available, claims the Belgian manufacturer.

The slim design reduces installation time, shipping and labour costs. Yet it never compromises on brightness levels, colour reproduction or image quality. Furthermore, warping, scaling and 4K UHD processing is achieved in a single step with Barco Pulse’s proprietary Single Step Processing technology. This results in sharper images, lower latency and less dark time than comparable solutions.

Similarly in terms of flexibility, brightness and resolution levels for specific shows can be locked with Barco’s Flex2. Each projector also includes a 90° ultra-short throw lens, a motorised rental frame or a fiber card solution for 4K distribution over long distances.

An intuitive interface is combined with user-friendly control software. Fast troubleshooting and cloud-based fleet management are promised, and the projector’s modular design supports fast and easy maintenance in the field.

Two models are available: the UDM-4K22 (as pictured) and UDM-W22.

XT LED tile series

Barco XT tile painter image

These new 27” tiles offer a pixel-pitch ranging from 0.9mm to 1.9mm and deliver spectacular visual performance and great flexibility. They are suited for use in numerous indoor applications including visitor centres, boardrooms, television studios and control rooms.

Each tile has a 16:9 aspect ratio, making it easy to create native full HD or UHD screens. Installation is simple due to the robust front-access design and alignment is aided by camera-supported seam correction technology. Replacing a tile can be done in under two minutes.

Barco’s Infinipix image processing platform ensures the best results with perfect image quality in both maximum brightness and dimmed mode. Power and data redundancy further enhances the reliability of each LED installation, ensuring maximum uptime.

“LED technology has matured and now offers higher performance and resolutions at a better price point,” says Bram Dieryckx, vice-president of Barco’s LED division.

New screen management processors

Barco’s processors are used in video walls and high-resolution displays worldwide. The E2 Gen 2 features all the exceptional qualities of its predecessors such as its rugged and modular design, a straightforward user interface and the flexible layer management. However, this newest addition also boasts improved screen management to support the growth of 4K signals.

For those events and installations that use fiber to transmit video signals over long distances, Barco has a new flexible and reliable solution. This solution involves a fiber output card that is connected to the image processing device as well as a fiber input card which can then be integrated with the company’s projectors like the UDX series.

Barco’s new CXP I/O expansion card solves the previous problem of the EX not being included in the system when two or more screen management processors were linked together. Now the EX can be used as a stage box extension or input expansion while keeping the main processors linked together.

Barco provides a full range of solutions within display, projection and collaboration technology, spanning different markets and industries. Their products and services are featured in numerous entertainment projects around the world, from movie theatres to live events and attractions.

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