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Omnico partners with VGS to provide a complete ticketing and transactional guest solution for theme parks and resorts

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Omnico Group, the Cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) and customer engagement solutions provider, and VGS, the supplier of cutting edge ticketing solutions and services, have signed a global partnership agreement. This enables the companies to provide a joined-up ticketing, access control, Entitlements and POS solution to worldwide Theme Parks and Resorts.

Together, Omnico and VGS solutions integrate a myriad of strategic functionalities. Thesecouple look at ipad for theme park ticketing sollutions are required for the commercial and operational management of venues and destinations, of all sizes. This enables the integration of Omnico’s Entitlements engine – where guests can pre-pay for food and beverage “meal deal” packages.

It also enables the integration of VGS’s ticketing solution. This means guests can use and access everything all on one mobile app or IoT / RFID device. Visitors can scan, or swipe, at any POS till around the resort, or access gate. This means they need not carry separate paper tickets and coupons.

Mel Taylor, CEO of Omnico Group said, “Destinations now require a completely frictionless experience. This should be from the integration of guest transactions for food and beverage, to merchandise and souvenirs, to purchasing their entry ticket and gaining access to their hotel rooms. Guests no longer want to order and purchase separate items. They want the entire experience provided to them in a single solution, via mobile app or IoT enabled media.”

Ticketing solutions for a seamless guest experience

“This is the first time a solution has been offered that combines pre-paid Entitlement packages, with ticketing and point-of-sale. Together with VGS, we’re providing a unique and innovative approach to guest interactions”.

Omnico works with seven out of the top 11 worldwide theme parks and resort destinations, providing Dubai Park & Resorts for example, a single integrated POS system across all the parks’ retail and hospitality sites, as well as pre-booking and table management systems for dining experiences.vgs logo ticketing solutions for theme parks

Paolo Moro is the CEO and co-founder of VGS. He said, “We strongly believe that the focus for destinations should be on offering a consistent and smooth consumer experience.  The destination should also benefit from these tools to improve their revenue optimization and diversify their offering. Therefore an in-depth integration between the systems that support these important revenue streams, ticketing, retail and F&B, is a critical factor to make these objectives a reality.”

“In Omnico, we have identified a partner offering advanced technologies who share the same vision as VGS. This provides venue and destination customers with a complete and complementary solution, ensuring they remain ahead in this competitive market.”

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