Omnico have released the results of their first Japanese and Malaysian Theme Park Barometers, exploring the expectations of 500 recent visitors to major attractions in those countries.

Consumers expect a super-smooth, cash-free experience using mobile technology, research shows as well as VR experiences in theme parks.  Key findings include:

  • Omnico japan malaysia theme park mobile apps vr technology88% want to pre-book their fast-track ride passes
  • 96% of Malaysian and 83% of Japanese visitors want to book hotels in advance
  • Guests also want to use pre-paid cashless wristbands for convenience – Malaysia (85%), Japan (61%).
  • 70% of Malaysians expect to see VR experiences or guides within the next three years, compared v 53% of Japanese respondents.
  • 42% of Malaysians and a quarter of Japanese guests (25%) expect Siri-type personal digital assistants to feature in theme parks of the future.
  • 91% of Japanese and Malaysian theme park guests want queue-busting apps on their mobiles to purchase a fast-track pass with specific timeslots.
  • 89% want to use an app to buy their entrance ticket and gain entry.

Mel Taylor, CEO, Omnico Group, says, “These results show that visitors want mobile apps to make theme park and resort visits more convenient and enjoyable.  These apps are integral to many people’s lives and they expect park operators to use them to eradicate hassles such as handling cash or queueing.

“For example, 85% want to decide where to eat in a park using an app to see where the waiting times are shortest. 63% in each country would also like to receive personalised deals and discounts on their phones, based on where they are.

“Investing in the right technology is now essential for park operators,” said Taylor. “Visitors want a single, connected, easy experience covering entry, rides and attractions, shops and restaurants. Operators in Japan and Malaysia can see from our survey how to compete effectively and maximise their returns.”

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