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Semnox Provides Cashless Solution for Pragyan Tech Fest


Semnox, an industry leader in cashless debit card systems for the entertainment industry, has been chosen to provide a cashless solution for the Pragyan festival of technology.

The annual techno-management festival, held at the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, has grown steadily since its inception in 2005. With over 50 events scheduled, it now attracts thousands of students from over 100 colleges.

Semnox Provides Cashless Solution for Pragyan Tech FestSemnox first provided a cashless solution at the annual "Festember" cultural extravaganza in 2014, where their RFID food cards were used in place of food coupons. Semnox is now providing permanent food cards for Pragyan which will be used at all future student-organised festivals at the NITT.

Ajay Yeshwant, Chairman, Pragyan, said, “We used to end up spending several resources and man hours in just handling, counting and distributing food coupons each year. Semnox provided a very reliable and efficient solution by replacing these food coupons with RFID based Food Cards.”

He reported that by eliminating the need for food coupons, they had drastically reduced their operating costs and the problem of counterfeit coupons.

“The cards also lend a modern and unique touch, making NITT the first college in India to utilise this technology. Semnox engineers also worked very closely with us to ensure that the entire process could be facilitated without any problems and were run very efficiently. What made Semnox so successful at Pragyan was their keen understanding of the type of environment that NITT had.”

Yeshwant said that Semnox knew they had to achieve a product that combined maximum durability with reliability and set out to achieve exactly that.

"The end product is that students now have permanent Food Cards that they can use at every fest, including the upcoming NITTFEST, ” he added.

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