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SenSource presents safe solutions for amusement parks as COVID restrictions ease

SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring System saves time and money by automating the task of counting real-time occupancy

SenSource occupancy display

SenSource Inc., a creator of people counting hardware and reporting software, is providing safe solutions for the attractions industry as COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to be lifted around the world, in the form of its SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring System.

As well as counting guests into an attraction, this innovative occupancy technology collects foot traffic data to avoid bottlenecks throughout the venue. As visitors return to their favourite theme parks, water parks, museums and zoos this summer, operators will need to ensure that crowds are managed and social distancing is encouraged, even as restrictions are eased.

Automated crowd control

SenSource Amusement-Park-Occupancy-Technology

There are several points where crowds can form, such as at restaurants, restrooms and theatres. Instead of using staff to count guests and manage guest flow, operators can automate the process with Sensourc’s SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring System, freeing up employees for more valuable tasks.

This solution automates the task of counting real-time occupancy and communicating to guests whether they can enter an area or wait. Highly accurate people counting sensors are paired with smart TVs to display green “enter” or red “wait” messaging. The sensors also push occupancy data to the company’s cloud-based reporting platform.

One area where it is vital to maintain cleanliness is the bathrooms. Here, SenSource’s system allows operators to place tablets at the entrance to communicate how many people are in the facility and how many more can enter before capacity is reached. This solves the problem of too many people crowding into the restroom or starting a close-contact line inside the building.

In addition, SafeSpace’s alert feature means that operators can dispatch a cleaning crew after a given number of guests use the facility. This takes the guesswork out of how often to clean and makes staff more efficient by focusing their time on the most-used restrooms in the park.

Keeping guests safe

Meanwhile, rather than crowding into a line inside the restaurant, attractions can encourage guests to form a socially distanced line outside the venue by placing a SafeSpace enabled TV display at the entrance. Sensors will count guests entering and exiting the restaurant to keep tabs on total capacity. The TV at the entrance will display when the next guests can enter.

SafeSpace fully automates the task of managing capacity restrictions. The hands-off approach allows staff to focus on other areas of operating the restaurant like preparing and serving food or cleaning and sanitizing.

SenSource’s solution can also help operators to avoid overcrowding and encourage social distancing within theatres, at live performances and at indoor attractions. Here, operators can communicate to guests when max capacity has been reached using a SafeSpace enabled TV display.

SafeSpace also includes a Rest API, allowing attractions to incorporate real-time occupancy status into their mobile app or website. With the data at guests’ fingertips, they can make informed decisions on whether to head to the show or wait for the next time slot.

Last year, the SenSource team spoke to blooloop about this innovative new product, as well as talking about the company’s journey so far. During the pandemic, SenSource also created a SenSource Mask Detection System, to help attractions monitor entrances and enforce face-covering rules.

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