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Sindrax’s intelligent gamified kids education system makes playgrounds more competitive

Sindrax Interactive Playgrounds

Sindrax Technology, the hi-tech company providing interactive multimedia products for children aged 2 – 8 years old, solves problems in running indoor play spaces with its gamified solution.

Sindrax Technology is pleased to present the Sindrax Intelligent Gamified Kids (Pre-school) Education Solution. This is designed to help operators increase revenue by planing the space inside their play facilities, driving more traffic and engaging children in games. To date, the company has provided solutions to venues in over 50 countries, with more than 3000 worldwide locations. This includes FECs, amusement centres, restaurants, children’s museums, retail areas, preschools and more.

The company partnered with Intel to create its interactive multimedia solution. It uses Intel’s end-to-end IoT solution, combined with natural human-computer interaction technology. It provides a selection of digital interactive educational game for children aged 2-8 years old.

Sindrax Intelligent Gamified Kids (Pre-school) Education Solution

Interactive and immersive solutions

Sindrax’s solution fills the need for more digital content for younger children and allows entertainment spaces to become more immersive, while also being educational and stimulating. Thanks to this system, children’s playgrounds can provide an interactive and data-driven intelligent gamified experience.

Sindrax Technology has a wide range of original content for the platform, as well as popular cartoon characters such as Octonauts, Super Wings, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, Back Kom, and Oddbods which will appeal to children. It can also be customised according to the attraction’s existing theme.

IP for Sindrax Intelligent Gamified Kids (Pre-school) Education Solution

The Sindrax solution in action

The Shanghai Cartoony African Safari Discovery Park combines a museum with an interactive experience. The highly themed environment includes lifelike animals and scenery, meaning visitors feel like they are stepping into an African landscape.

Shanghai Cartoony African Safari Discovery

This popular attraction uses several Sindrax products, such as Magic Brush, Magic Ball, Magic Slider, and Kids STEAM Lab. Many of these include African Safari themes in addition to Sindrax’s original themes. The combination of intelligent technology with the educational and vivid African elements give children a fun, interactive and educational experience.

Sindrax African Safari

Meanwhile, Wanda Group’s Wonder Kids indoor playground is a modern attraction with a focus on edutainment, where visitors can enjoy fun cartoon characters and interactive products. The venue is themed throughout under the popular Octonauts brand and allows children to immerse themselves in a familiar world.

Wanda Wonder Kids

Wonder Kids uses several of Sindrax‘s core products, such as Magic Ball, Magic Brush and Kids STEAM Lab. Magic Brush and Magic Ball are themed to The Octonauts as well, in keeping with the rest of the attraction.

Sindrax Octonauts

Entertainment and education

Sindrax’s system allows children to enjoy a range of fun and educational activities. For example, in Wonder Kids entertainment zone, they can interact with the wall in the ball pool area. Here, the interactive projection game Magic Ball is in use, which gives the park a sense of dynamics, engages players with sport, and helps to develop physical coordination.

When it comes to edutainment, the Magic Brush interactive sketchbook is a dual-screen interaction game that allows children’s drawing characters to come alive on a big projection wall. In addition to this, the Kids STEM Lab is an interactive touch screen game. This challenges players to guide the elements to the target through hand-painted or established props.

The aim of the Sindrax Intelligent Gamified Kids (Pre-school) Education Solution is to transform the traditional indoor children’s playground into a more technological and interactive space.

Sindrax Technology worked on hundreds of innovative projects during the course of 2019 and became an Intel Market Ready Solution partner. The company designs and develops digital products in order to transform children’s spaces into immersive play and learning areas.

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