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Smart Monkeys & Megapixel VR announce strategic partnership, adding OMNIS AV monitoring technology to ISAAC 

OMNIS-ISAAC smart monkeys

Smart Monkeys, Inc., the show control specialist, has entered into a strategic partnership with Megapixel VR.

Smart Monkey’s Inc. is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership that will see Megapixel VR’s powerful OMNIS AV monitoring technology added to the ISAAC platform. As a result of the new agreement, OMNIS will be offered as a software package within existing ISAAC ecosystems, one that can be switched on at any point.

OMNIS can combine display data from multi-location large display networks, such as theme parks and museums, as well as large LED shows and theatre or performance venues. This allows for high-quality and reliable LED images from end-to-end, even in complex, large and ‘always on’ locations.

Accurate information

This system provides reliable information, both real-time and historical, meaning users can address issues as they arise and easily spot when and where problems are occurring, which is key to maintaining the health of the system.

OMNIS also includes a thorough support plan with advanced monitoring, so uptime and revenue are maximised. Thanks to its real-time monitoring capabilities, users can view hundreds of LED processors, on-premises or in the cloud, with a single health map view. This means they can easily check the status of connected tiles, networking devices, and projectors.

The system also includes an active alert view and detailed log. When OMNIS and ISAAC are cloud-connected, users can view over one billion pixels from anywhere.

Comprehensive LED display monitoring

Bringing OMNIS into the ISAAC platform means that users will benefit from comprehensive LED display monitoring on top of other key control and content management facilities.

LED spectaculars can include multiple LED display systems with different screen sizes and resolutions, with processors spread across a venue. With this new agreement, the ISAAC platform can centrally monitor immersive attraction displays, theatre displays, outdoor marquees and LED digital signage systems, allowing users to make sure these key display components are operating correctly.

“We are excited to more formally become part of the ISAAC ecosystem,” says Jeremy Hochman, Megapixel VR’s co-founder and CEO, “Smart Monkeys is the world’s best control and head-end design and implementation company, and our offerings are complementary to help designers achieve their goals.”

“Megapixel VR and Smart Monkeys share the same philosophy of providing powerful and scalable technology allowing for easy integration of our solutions into any environment,” says Stephan Villet, Co-Founder and Managing Partner for Smart Monkeys, Inc.

“We see boundless potential in the ISAAC Platform as the industry moves toward a software-driven AV ecosystem, and believe the OMNIS and HELIOS solutions are in lock-step alignment with those goals. We are very excited to partner with Megapixel VR to provide end-users with a cohesive, simple way to take advantage of their connected environments.”

The OMNIS-ISAAC combination provides a straight out-of-the-box monitoring and management system for media installations, with the following key features:

  • LED Display Map Views: Health and thermal map views are available for all tiles connected to the display system, even when across multiple processors.
  • LED Tile Data & Status: View signal integrity and status of all LED tiles including serial numbers, cable order, firmware versions, processor status, and input signal formats.
  • Active Alert View: See “active” alerts for all connected devices and tiles in a tilemap view as well as a searchable/sortable list.
  • System Baselining: Set a system baseline and OMNIS will flag any deviations from this state; including versions, serial numbers, mapped tile positions, and input type & resolution.
  • Alert Logging: All alerts & deviations are logged so the system can flag faults without constant supervision.
  • Global Controls: Optional global brightness, blackout, and gamma controls of connected monitored systems.
  • LED Display network-wide Emergency Messaging and Management

Last month, Smart Monkeys announced a new partnership with RealMotion to further expand the reach of the ISAAC platform.

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