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Teq4 looks to the future of immersive technology thanks to ScreenTeq with Motionflex

Teq4- Screenteq with Motionflex

Teq4, the immersive attraction company, is changing the future of LED technology and immersive experiences with its new product, ScreenTeq™ with Motionflex™.

Teq4 first showcased ScreenTeq with Motionflex at IAAPA Expo 2019 in Orlando, Florida. Here, attendees were able to witness the flexible LED screen technology in action. This solution can be manipulated into almost any shape and curvature to match the content that it is displaying, and can even be used to create moving screens.

The company has visions of a future where technology such as this can create the next generation of immersive experiences. One where screens are anthropomorphic and vivid content leaps out to become a dynamic aspect of the environment around us.

ScreenTeq with Motionflex by TEQ4

ScreenTeq with Motionflex

“We rolled out our very first live demonstration of ScreenTeq with Motionflex at IAAPA Orlando 2019 and it was received incredibly well,” says a spokesperson for the company. “We had lots of visitors coming up with fantastic concepts for how they would use our dynamic LED screen technology right there on the spot, within moments of seeing it for the first time.”

This technology will allow LED screens to move, in order to match the content that they are displaying. This replaces the traditional flat, static screen with an immersive landscape, where billboards are tailored, moving configurations of LED.

ScreenTeq with Motionflex by TEQ4

“We invite you to embark on this exhilarating journey into the future of screen technology with us,” says the company. “Come to us with your most daring, bold, concepts and we will bring them to life, pixel by moving pixel. Unlock your creativity, be bold, throw away the eraser.  Our motto for ScreenTeq with Motionflex is this; if you can draw it, we can make it.”

Teq4 is a creative design and engineering firm that specialises in immersive attractions and interactive experiences. Its clients include museums, science centres, theme parks and more, and its services range from technology design and consulting through to complete turnkey solutions.

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