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Live-action horror gaming experience Variant 31 opens in London

variant 31

Variant 31, a live-action gaming experience, has opened in London. Visitors can star in their own horror movie at Europe’s largest immersive survival experience.

Variant 31 invites players to navigate their way around an immersive and detailed labyrinth, with the website asking: “What would you do inside a horror movie?”

Visitors will experience an enormous interactive environment, which is completely under their control – but all their choices have consequences.

The aim of the game? Survive and escape Variant 31

The production includes 150 professional actors, experienced in parkour, aerial acrobatics, stage combat, and fire poi.

The attraction is located within a complex comprised of seven buildings, 35 floors, and more than 200 rooms across 42,000 square feet.

Unlike other immersive experiences, guests can venture around the complex with more than 1,000 possible routes available.

Guests will work in teams to solve group challenges and play individually to complete personal objectives and puzzles.

Variant 31 boasts seven buildings and 200+ rooms

The game takes place at Toxico Technologies, as the company puts on a secret live demonstration of its latest weapon in modern warfare, Variant 31.

During the ’90s, immoral human experiments were taking place at Toxico Technologies, involving chemical concoctions, botched surgery, and reanimated dead.

After an enormous fire at the compound, which destroyed everyone and everything within, guests are invited to return 25 years later to explore the ruins.

They will use state-of-the-art wearable technology, unlock secrets, discover hidden passageways and interact with characters.

Immersive experiences at Toxico Technologies

They’ll also use skills to navigate the labyrinth and escape to freedom, survive the dark, complete objectives, gain points and defeat the undead.

Free to explore for 90 minutes, players will enjoy darkened corridors and fog-filled chambers, and will be able to interact with their surroundings.

Variant 31 is produced by Big Dreamer Productions and Stephen McGill Productions, in association with Rachel Kraftman Productions and MDR Productions.

The attraction is now open, but the website says “certain elements may be reduced or not functioning”. Variant 31 opens fully from October 1.

Elsewhere, a Zombie Apocalypse Park is heading to Dubai. The LBE attraction will feature VR, escape rooms, and haunted experiences.

Image: Variant 31

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