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WhiteWater’s First AquaCourse™ Family Adventure at Alabama’s Splash Adventure



AquaCourse™ from WhiteWater, the global leader in waterpark design, engineering, manufacturing and installation, has proved to be the most popular attraction at Alabama's Splash Adventure this summer.

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AquaCourse™ is an all new family adventure from WhiteWater.  Guests progress through a course of ropes, towers, bridges, zip lines, water cannons and other interactive water features along multiple tracks offering different levels of exploration and water.  AquaCourse™ delivers thrills and challenges to engage teens whilst being suitable for the whole family to enjoy.  With plenty of opportunities to spray other participants with water cannons or dump water on their heads by pulling ropes, AquaCourse™ is also a high capacity attraction.

Wipe Out Adventure is a single level AquaCourse™ structure but WhiteWater also have the option for two or three levels to deliver extra capacity and thrills.

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