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Adventurous and Magical Enchanted Forest: Europa-Park 2013 – a fairytale year…


200 years after the first edition of “Children’s and Household Tales” was published by the Brothers Grimm, Rapunzel, Doctor Know-all and the Golden Goose are finding a new home in the Enchanted Forest at Europa-Park. When the themed area is expanded in the 2013 summer season, a total of six more stories by the Brothers Grimm will find a place in the Enchanted Forest.

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From March 23 to November 3 2013, Germany’s largest theme park will be offering more than 100 attractions and thirteen European themed areas on a site measuring 94 hectares. With six hours of shows and five of the park’s own themed hotels, Europa-Park, located near Germany’s borders with France and Switzerland, is a unique destination for short breaks with leisure activities for young and old alike.


Experience the whole of Europe!

13 European themed areas on a site measuring 94 hectares offer a unique vacation atmosphere with typical architecture, gastronomy and vegetation. While the WODAN – Timburcoaster wooden rollercoaster, the lively Whale Adventures – Splash Tours family attraction and the blue fire Megacoaster powered by GAZPROM attract you to Iceland, Greece offers a journey through antiquity with its Poseidon water ride. In France, Silver Star and Eurosat await all brave rollercoaster fans, while visitors can speed round bends on the Swiss Matterhorn-Blitz next door. You can chill out in Scandinavia, where visitors can rush down the rapids, past cliffs and water fountains, on a Fjord Rafting ride. The Euro-Mir in the Russian area also offers a special delight, as it is the world’s highest and fastest spinning coaster.

Meanwhile, the international entertainers at Europa-Park will conjure, dance and juggle their way into visitors’ hearts. With pirouettes, jumps and somersaults, the sharp blades in the brand new ice show will really heat things up. A true masterpiece of top artistic performance, comedy and dance awaits visitors at the variety show, and you will be amazed by the spectacular stunts in the Spanish Arena. The little ones can look forward to the children’s musical.

New in 2013: Expansion of the Enchanted Forest

In the kingdom of Mother Hulda and her friends, there’ll soon be many more magical things to discover. The magical kingdom between Sleeping Beauty Castle and Land of Cockaigne is being expanded. From the summer season 2013, the popular characters from the Brothers Grimm will be able to run riot and have lots of thrilling adventures in an area measuring 3, 000 square meters. Those who believe in the magic of the fairytales will really feel how the Brothers Grimm characters come to life. They’ll reign over the fantastical world that lies between the picturesque “alte Elz” stream and Adventure Land.

Children will be amazed at the gold ass from “The Wishing-Table, the Gold-Ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack”, which spits out a huge stream of gold coins. A goat that talks when it’s fed will also have to be seen to be believed. And Doctor Know-all is sure to know an answer to any question – truly amazing! Quaint little houses at the entrance to the village, a magical glockenspiel and an enchanted tower high above the rooftops will all be part of the expanded Enchanted Forest. There’s plenty to discover!

Europa-Park theme park: Familie EroeffnungEuropa Park Confertainment Center

The range of event venues has been enhanced with the Europa-Park Confertainment Center. This has been built right next to the main entrance and features a new conference room offering space for 60 people and designed in the style of a circus, the Traumpalast, the re-designed foyer of the Europa-Park Dome, and the historic Eden Palladium carousel.

From small family celebrations to major company presentations, 30 meeting and events rooms ranging from 26 to 2, 600 square meters in size offer space for between 10 and 2, 000 people.

Historic Eden Palladium indoor carousel

The Mack family of entrepreneurs and showmanship – a link that has existed for centuries and makes the two inseparable. Since December 1, 2012, visitors have been able to enjoy a ride round and round on little horses and pigs or in carriages.

The carousel has been restored to its former glory and adapted to meet the TÜV technical and safety standards. At the entrance to Europa-Park, it can now do what it was always intended to do: conjure up a smile on people’s faces.

Redesigning the Magic Cinema 4D

The Magic Cinema 4D in the French themed area is a very special gem. Heavy red curtains, dark wood paneling and comfortable seats – from the start of the 2013 season, visitors will be able to experience film pleasure in a traditional French cinema.

Sweet dreams in the Europa-Park hotels

Germany’s biggest hotel resort gained a new addition in 2012 with the 4-star superior hotel Bell Rock. In Europa-Park’s fifth themed hotel, visitors follow in the footsteps of the Pilgrim Fathers and explorers who once ventured to new shores and crossed the Atlantic on an adventurous voyage to the New World. The journey’s destination is the cultural and historic birthplace of the USA: New England. The four additional Europa-Park hotels also ensure sweet dreams in a Mediterranean atmosphere. No matter whether it’s the Italian dolce vita in the 4-star superior hotel Colosseo, a Portuguese monastery atmosphere in the 4-star superior hotel Santa Isabel or Spanish joie de vivre in the El Andaluz and Castillo Alcazar 4-star hotels – at the Europa-Park Hotel Resort, there’s something to suit every taste. What’s more, the Camp Resort offers intrepid guests rustic overnight options in cabins and covered wagons. In the Tipi Village, Native American and Wild West fans can sit around the campfire and spend the night in authentic teepee tents. There are also 200 pitches available on the neighboring Europa Park camp site for camping enthusiasts who like to stay within their own four walls. The Circus Rolando guesthouse right next to the main entrance is a comfortable yet economical alternative to the hotels.

Fun and events for every season

For over ten years, Europa-Park has been pursuing and building on the concept of the seasons. While spring is all about new features, summer promises adventurous refreshment with many lively water attractions and summery highlights. At Halloween, darker figures find their way into Europa-Park. 160, 000 pumpkins bathe the Park in bright orange light and countless special events ensure scary moments. At the winter opening, thousands of Christmas trees, chains of lights, wintery attractions and a fantastic program of shows guarantee magical fun in a unique winter wonderland. There are many special events on offer at Europa-Park throughout the year to cater to every taste. The highlights for those who love a party include the 24-hour opening on July 27 and the SWR3 Halloween Party on October 31. Meanwhile, the South African Weeks from July 28 to August 25, 2013 guarantee unique experiences with select culinary delights. Inquisitive children shouldn’t miss the Science Day for Children on June 18 and 19, as well as the Science Days from October 10 to 12, 2013. On the Horror Nights from September 27 to November 2, 2013, anyone who’s brave enough can take part in their own horror movie.

What’s more, European themed festivals will whisk visitors away to Switzerland, Spain and Russia, amongst other places, with folklore and captivating treats. 

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