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Aquasplash, French Riviera: New Waterslide with Polin Waterparks


Aquasplash,  French Riviera: New Waterslide with Polin Waterparks

The French Riveria’s Aqua Splash Waterpark, part of Marineland Espace near Antibes, Juan Les Pins, has added a signature waterslide and a new kid’s water playground to the resort. The expansion was completed in April 2011, in time for the attraction’s June 11th summer season opening.

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The news comes just two years after the well-known Aqua Splash Waterpark added two new Polin waterslides, Turbolance and Space Boat. The superior waterpark design, installation and manufacture attracted a large amount of attention and the colourful ride paths generated much excitement amongst guests.

With the further 2011 expansion, Aqua Splash Waterpack once again chose Polin as the supplier best suited to add a signature ride. The Hybrid Dragero waterslide and kid’s water playground is feature-rich with new attractions for children, such as the Octopus slide, Mini Pirate slide, Cobra slide, Penguin and Giraffe Showers. New attraction the Obstacle Track has also been introduced by Polin and is intended to increase activity in the pool area, Hybrid Dragero is a breathtaking head-first, mat-racer ride with a dynamic multi-colour combination and at 150 metres long was designed especially for Aqua Splash by Polin. This sophisticated high-capacity waterslide begins with 3 high-speed, multi-racer lanes which lead to a thrilling big drop. The waterslide then takes guests on an uphill ride route which is finally transformed into three enclosed tube slides, ending in an ‘aqua catch.’

“Our new waterslide, Dragero is just perfect. It is the attraction of the year!” says Bernard Giampolo, General Manager. “More importantly, that is what our guests say. They all agree that this is a thrilling, exciting, unique ride. The advertisements with the renderings of the new slide ha

Aquasplash,  French Riviera: New Waterslide with Polin Waterparks

d already attracted attention before the opening but it exceeded the expectations, ” he adds.

“There were so many options. It has not been an easy decision but at the end, we are very satisfied with our choice. The design, the ride path, the quality, the high capacity, and the colour combination of our new waterslide are great. This has been a great addition, ” says Mark Leden, Architect.

The new additions are proving to be exceptionally popular, with guest numbers increasing 15-18% on the previous year, despite the rainy weather conditions.
More on Aquasplash:

Park name: Aquasplash
Owners: Parques Reunidos
Admission prices: adult € 25 / children €20

Park Hours: 7 days a week/ 10:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m.
Dates open: Between 11 June-September 4 everyday        
Size/Acres: 42000 m2           
Capacity: 5000 people          
Clientele: 40% local 60% tourist      

More on Marineland Espace, France

Marineland Espace was founded in 1970 as an animal exhibition park and still hosts killer whales, dolphins and seals. The aquarium has a 30 metre tunnel surround swimming with sharks and since the takeover by international entertainment operator Parques Reunidos, the attraction’s popularity has increased dramatically.

Marineland Espace hosts four different parks, namely; Marineland, Le Ferme du Par West, Aqua Splash Waterpark and Adventure Golf Park.
Polin are internationally recognised in the design, manufacture and installation of waterparks and waterslides and continue to enjoy a high level of success in the industry. The creativity, safety, commitment to customer satisfaction and research and development is sure to keep them at the top of the pile when it comes to waterparks.

About Polin

Polin are in on the ground floor during every aspect of a waterpark’s creation, from concept to installation and initial opening. The pioneering company was established in Turkey in 1976 and had become a world leader in all aspects of the creation of waterslides and water attractions.

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